2023 ChinaJoy Grand Opening Meizu and Qualcomm Make Their Official Debut Together

'2023 ChinaJoy Meizu and Qualcomm debut together'

【phoneauto News】From July 28th to July 31st, 2023, the 20th China International Digital Interactive Entertainment Exhibition (referred to as “2023 ChinaJoy”) grandly opened in Shanghai. Star Era Meizu Group, with the theme of “Love Without Boundaries · Singularity Explosion”, joined hands with Qualcomm to settle in the Snapdragon Theme Pavilion E4-12 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, bringing panoramic and excellent entertainment experience to the audience, and exploring the boundless fun of integrating technology.

According to phoneauto, as an important partner of Qualcomm, Meizu focused on displaying the Meizu 20 series flagship smartphones, Flyme Auto smart cockpit operating system, the trendy symbol brand PANDAER, and other technology ecosystem products at the ChinaJoy venue. They also set up multiple themed content such as Boundless Dreams, Boundless Energy, and Boundless Freedom, aiming to provide a more boundless technology ecosystem integration experience for numerous Meizu fans, Co-customers, users, media, and partners.

The design of Meizu’s booth in this exhibition takes the singularity shape in the brand elements as the concept, cleverly arranging a “Singularity Stage” in the center of the booth. The audience at the scene can come on stage to confess or showcase their vitality, fully experiencing the boundless charm of the “Singularity Stage”.

The Meizu 20 series flagship smartphones, located at the core of the booth, are all equipped with the second-generation Snapdragon 8 flagship processor, with 12GB RAM + LPDDR5X + UFS 4.0 high-speed flash memory combination. Among them, the Meizu 20 INFINITY Boundless Edition adopts a double-sided floating titan glass design, which combines minimalist, aesthetic, and avant-garde design concepts, achieving a perfect fusion of technology and art.

In addition, the highly anticipated smart cockpit operating system Flyme Auto also made its debut. Flyme Auto, through the concept of “phone domain”, enables Meizu 20 series flagship phones to provide smart cockpits with shared capabilities in four aspects including computing power, data, hardware, and ecosystem, greatly improving the user experience and ultimately bringing a fusion experience that is multi-terminal, full-scenario, and immersive.

Meizu also brought the latest PANDAER super charging station PRO to this year’s ChinaJoy stage. This super charging station is PANDAER’s flagship trendy charging product that has won the Red Dot Design Award. As the world’s first high-performance charging device with three USB-C interfaces that support continuous plugging and unplugging of multiple devices and automatic power allocation, PANDAER super charging station PRO will provide viewers with a lightning-fast charging experience during ChinaJoy.

At the same time, Meizu also set up an esports zone in collaboration with JD.com and conducted immersive game live broadcasts on-site. Offline viewers can participate in gaming tournaments at the booth to personally experience the perfect gaming experience of Meizu 20 series flagship phones, while online viewers can get an immersive exhibition experience.

In addition to exciting activities, the booth also prepared four flavors of ChinaJoy special drinks for the audience, limited edition refreshing and delicious summer drinks, allowing everyone to enjoy a boundless and cool experience while visiting the exhibition.

Qidian Feichi, love knows no boundaries! Meizu will present a wonderful and extraordinary technological feast for many viewers at this year’s ChinaJoy. We welcome everyone to gather at the Meizu booth in the Snapdragon Pavilion at 2023 ChinaJoy and explore the boundless fun brought by integrated technology.

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