The 2023 trend is dual-colored, Xiaomi Civi × WGSN jointly released!

2023 trend Xiaomi Civi × WGSN release dual-colored design

【PhoneAuto News】In order to create the most trendy and youthful design, Xiaomi Civi and the global trend forecasting agency WGSN have cooperated deeply to jointly research and develop the “Twin Colors” trend design for 2023 that best understands the younger generation and aligns with the current trends. The key colors for 2023 are divided by season: rose purple for spring, mint green for summer, adventure gold for autumn and coconut grey for winter. The popular colors for 2023 are rose purple, mint green, adventure gold and coconut grey.

Matching colors of the same series: bold collision yet simple balance; semi-tone color: never boring and with a strong sense of space. The “Twin Colors” trend design for 2023 will be first released by Xiaomi Civi 3 on May 25th at 14:00.

Xiaomi Civi 3

Xiaomi Civi has gone through three generations of exploration and has begun to understand more clearly “how to make a trendy phone”. Xiaomi Civi believes that trends are not boring and repetitive, but diverse and rich expressions of oneself. Trends are not mediocre conformity, but confident individuality and harmony. Trends are not trying to be surprising and attention-grabbing, but authentic and appealing aesthetics. Trends are not just about superficial and delicate appearances, but are comprehensive and powerful from the inside out, leading the way.

Xiaomi Civi 3

Although the past “trendy phones” have focused on appearance and photography, their designs often blindly mimic flagship models or forcefully modify them, without carefully planning and developing a unique design language for trendy phones. In terms of imagery, many standard version main cameras are not as good as performance phones of the same level, and do not fully understand and investigate the real needs of users.

Xiaomi Civi 3

And this time, the Xiaomi Civi 3 does not follow the current trend in its design, especially in its portrait mode. It also has powerful performance and will be officially released on May 25th.

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