General Motors CEO 2024 will be a completely different year for us

'2024 will be a different year for General Motors'

【PhoneAuto News】At the recent Aspen Ideas Festival, General Motors CEO Mary Barra discussed several aspects of the current automotive landscape and revealed how General Motors is responding to competition and industry challenges.

General Motors CEO Mary Barra

General Motors’ transition to electric vehicles is not as fast as some competitors, but we saw signs of growth in the first quarter of 2023, with the company delivering over 20,000 pure electric vehicles, compared to only 457 a year ago. On the other hand, Tesla sold nearly 500,000 vehicles in the first quarter of 2023, setting a new record.

Regarding the relatively slow transition of General Motors to electric vehicles, Barra said that the company spent a lot of time discussing internally when it would adopt full electrification. “We believe the right approach is to start with light-duty electric vehicles, and by 2035, our entire product lineup will be fully electric. We need everyone internally to stop debating and start figuring out how to get the job done.”

After realizing the disadvantages of using existing fuel vehicle platforms for electric vehicle manufacturing, General Motors felt the need to build a dedicated electric vehicle architecture. General Motors subsequently introduced the Ultium platform, which made its first appearance on the Hummer EV last year and will be used in numerous future electric vehicle models. Barra noted that the expansion of battery plant capacity has also caused delays in electric vehicles. General Motors currently has battery production plans in Ohio, Tennessee, and Michigan, with a fourth plant to be established in Indiana.

General Motors and Tesla reach charging cooperation

Barra mentioned that General Motors is expected to manufacture 400,000 plug-in electric vehicles by the middle of next year, and 1 million by 2025. She said that compared to current investments, next year will be a completely different year for the company. Regarding the recent cooperation between General Motors and Tesla, Barra stated, “We have integrated many different charging companies into the myChevrolet, myCadillac, and myGMC apps. Tesla has also agreed to this approach, and they will display real-time charging information through the owner’s application. In terms of costs, the charging fees for General Motors owners at Tesla charging stations will be the same as those for Tesla owners.”

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