618 e-sports mobile phone sales volume increased by over 200% YoY JDcom collaborates with manufacturers to promote sustained growth in the industry

618 e-sports mobile phone sales up by 200% YoY, JDcom partners with manufacturers for industry growth

【PhoneAuto】On the evening of June 17th, the climax of JD.com’s 618 shopping festival arrived. Consumers’ enthusiasm for rejuvenation surged, and they ordered various great value products. Among many categories, the mobile phone, which is inseparable from people’s daily life, has become the focus of attention. Today, with the popularity of mobile phones, 618 has become a major node for many users to save money and buy new phones. This year, various high-performance e-sports phones during 618 have been favored by users.

According to data, during JD.com’s 618 shopping festival, the transaction volume of e-sports phones increased by more than 200% year-on-year, and users preferred flagship new products of various brands. Based on this eye-catching data, “PhoneAuto” joined JD.com and major manufacturers to conduct an online interview with the theme of “2023 e-sports phone market status and new development direction”. The purpose is to deeply understand the current situation of the e-sports phone market and the manufacturers’ future development strategies, and explore the new changes and trends behind the high-speed growth of the industry.

Regarding the current situation of the e-sports phone market, the person in charge of Red Magic mobile phones said that it can be described as “spring blossoms”. From a policy perspective, the influence of e-sports on culture, education, and sports has begun to be valued. In the “13th Five-Year Plan” for national sports overall planning, e-sports has been included in the scope of sports competitions. And in this year’s Hangzhou Asian Games, e-sports will be unveiled in the form of official competition projects.

With the popularization and development of e-sports, more and more young people are joining it. Therefore, the trend of e-sports becoming a national sports project has become more and more clear. As a device that serves as an e-sports carrier, e-sports phones with portability, connectivity, and diversity will also “take off with the wind” with the development of e-sports.

Through this interview, we believe that esports phones, as a segmented category in the mobile phone industry, can be roughly divided into two types: hardcore esports phones and general esports phones (hereinafter referred to as hardcore phones and general esports phones).

In recent years, the performance of mobile phones has made rapid progress, and ordinary mobile phones have also been greatly improved in terms of gaming performance. In this industry background, users have increasingly diversified needs – hardcore phones cannot only be used for gaming, and regular phones also need to have excellent gaming experiences.

Hardcore phones are still moving further along the path of providing users with the ultimate gaming experience. While ensuring extreme performance, their appearance is also becoming more popular, with the aim of meeting users’ demands for hardcore phones to be used as their daily main machines.

For example, the ROG7 series launched by ROG this year has won the favor of a large number of players and users since its launch due to its high-quality control experience. The application of ultrasonic shoulder buttons allows gaming novices to easily achieve fast outfit changes and superb shooting skills in games. In terms of appearance, the ROG7 series has become more restrained, but the unique side charging interface, cool air duct valve, and matching cool air fan highlight the unique esports attributes of the phone.

The relevant person in charge of ROG stated that as a top esports brand in the world, ROG has a rich product line and a huge fan base. ROG phones adhere to the brand concept of “born for players, only for surpassing”, take player experience as the fundamental starting point, and are committed to launching better gaming phone products to meet players’ demands for hardcore gaming experiences. ROG has a dedicated team to interact with fans on a daily basis, listen to and absorb fans’ real feedback, and continuously improve and upgrade ROG phones. Therefore, when ROG phones release new products, the repurchase rate of users is very high.

Similarly, the person in charge of Red Magic phones stated that the vision of Red Magic phones is to create a global esports equipment brand loved by young people. Its latest Red Magic 8 Pro series adopts a brand new design language, with straight edges and corners that are loved by most users, and a visually stunning true full-screen display, which is almost all screen at a glance. In terms of performance, it is as powerful as ever, with full-frame operation of games being the norm. At the same time, it has good control over power consumption and heat dissipation, and its battery life is at the forefront of the industry, truly achieving both high performance and long battery life, no longer biased towards one or the other, subverting everyone’s stereotypes of gaming phones.

Compared with hardcore phones that are gradually approaching the appearance of regular phones on the basis of vertical deep excavation, gaming phone brands are enhancing their performance in the context of the popularization of esports, trying to create products that balance daily use and esports entertainment.

In terms of specific practices, the person in charge of Honor stated that Honor insists on putting consumers at the center, exploring the needs of different user groups through hierarchical user demand exploration, attracting more consumers through different product positioning and prices, satisfying the usage needs of different users, and launching two different models, Honor X40 GT and Honor 80 GT, according to the real needs and feedback of users.

realme has partnered with TÜV Rheinland to define the five-star criteria for gaming phones, providing users with a solution that goes beyond their expectations in terms of gaming phone performance, control, heat dissipation, network, battery life and other dimensions, according to the person in charge of realme. At the same time, realme has added trendy elements such as breathing lights to the appearance, allowing consumers to experience an immersive gaming experience.

iQOO phones focus on improving users’ gaming experience. According to the company’s representatives, in the process of communicating with users, most of them expressed that mobile games have become a way of life and a competitive sport. It can be used for socializing, maintaining emotions, or as a form of entertainment to relax the mind and body. Therefore, in addition to gaming performance, iQOO also pays more attention to users’ all-round immersive audiovisual experience and interactive experience that provides care and companionship.

During the interview, the iQOO representatives also revealed that the new iQOO 11S, which is about to be released, will be officially showcased as an e-sports competition official machine at the Asian Games in September. The supercomputing discrete graphics chip, low-latency engine, and frame rate sensing technology will all help to make significant breakthroughs in the performance of e-sports experience. As an industry collaborator, iQOO has participated in the formulation of the Asian Games e-sports competition machine standards, supporting and leading the long-term development of e-sports competitions.

Changes in user demands guide manufacturers to upgrade their products, and the upgraded products of manufacturers further drive the further transformation of user demands. In this process, even if manufacturers try to communicate with users and receive feedback in a timely manner, there are still certain barriers between manufacturers and users, just like a river that separates two places, communication can only be conducted through shouting, which is inefficient. Therefore, a bridge needs to be built between the two sides, and channels like JD.com are the bridge.

JD.com has always paid attention to the development of mobile phone subcategories and has led e-sports mobile phone manufacturers to jointly implement multiple measures at the starting point of the development of e-sports mobile phones. In May 2017, based on industry development trends, in order to better meet the needs of players for high-quality gaming experience, JD.com, together with mobile phone manufacturers, game manufacturers, chip manufacturers, and technology providers, established the Game Mobile Phone Industry Alliance and officially released the gaming phone standards, clarifying the definition of gaming phones, aiming to continuously promote the healthy and rapid development of the industry.

With a responsible supply chain, JD has been working with manufacturers and partners for years to promote the development of the gaming phone segment. Based on its large user base, JD can provide precise user insights to manufacturers at the launch of each new gaming phone model. Through co-creation marketing, differentiated services, and omnichannel capabilities, JD can support the entire process of new product launch and turn new products into explosive hits, helping users to obtain a high-quality one-stop shopping experience and promoting the popularization of this product category. In addition, JD’s one-hour delivery experience for mobile phones enables users to get their hands on new gaming phones as soon as possible, enhancing the user experience of purchasing.

The head of JD’s mobile phone department stated that as a leading mobile phone sales channel, JD can integrate online and offline sales channels to comprehensively enhance the brand value and user awareness of gaming phones. At the same time, leveraging JD’s differentiated advantages, it can promote the upgrade of the product experience of the entire industry. In 2020, JD joined forces with Tencent Games, Black Shark, Red Magic, ROG, Lenovo, as well as operators, hardware supply chain manufacturers, and game live streaming platforms to launch the JD Esports program, including the formation of the JDE team to more efficiently reach the mobile game user group. In addition, based on the reverse customization model, JD will continue to explore and cooperate with manufacturers to customize cool-looking and powerful gaming phones, creating more explosive hits.

In the process of promoting the development of the gaming phone industry, JD has launched a series of joint marketing activities with major manufacturers to help them achieve the goal of making new products an instant hit. For example, when iQOO 11 was released last year, JD invited influencers to enter the iQOO JD live streaming room to experience the iQOO 11 series new products, attracting more users to pay attention to the performance of iQOO’s new products and achieving the goal of driving traffic and increasing sales. In addition, during JD’s 618 promotion this year, realme cooperated with the variety show “Great Escape 5” to promote the realme GT Neo5, and through joint marketing with JD, the sales of the realme GT Neo series phones accounted for 80% of the brand’s total sales during JD’s 618 promotion.

During the JD 618 period, JD.com has set up a mobile gaming phone sales ranking list specifically for the mobile gaming phone sales race, allowing users to pay attention to mobile gaming phones while focusing on the professional purchasing guide. This enhances users’ curiosity about mobile gaming phones and helps to increase sales and awareness of the products. Among them, iQOO 11, Honor 80 GT, Realme GT Neo5 and others have entered the top ten of the mobile gaming phone list, with outstanding sales data.

It is worth mentioning that relying on its strong supply chain capabilities, JD.com provides users with services that cover the entire product usage cycle. JD.com takes users as the core, providing ultimate services such as 30-day price protection, 180-day replacement only, cross-category trade-in, and unlimited screen insurance when purchasing a phone. This has made more consumers willing to try new mobile gaming phone products, lowering the threshold for upgrading.

With the increasing attention paid to electronic sports by the public, the mobile gaming phone market is on the verge of exploding. It is believed that with the deepening cooperation between channels and brand manufacturers represented by JD.com, more high-quality mobile gaming phone products will emerge in the future to better meet the needs of consumers. At present, JD.com 618 has entered the final sprint stage. Let’s wait and see what achievements the major mobile gaming phone brands and products will achieve.

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