Operators always target me! 99% of the respondents have reported experiencing WiFi anxiety

99% of respondents report WiFi anxiety due to targeted operators

【PhoneAuto News】Rather than saying our lives can’t do without phones, it’s better to say we can’t do without WiFi.

On May 30th, according to the Yangtze Evening News, the “2023 Family Network Lifestyle Trend Report” showed that 99% of the respondents have experienced WiFi anxiety.


Specifically, 67.9% of respondents hope that their homes can create space for audio and video entertainment, meaning they should be able to meet entertainment needs such as watching movies and playing games. 97.7% of respondents said that communication devices in their homes need to be connected to WiFi, and 89.1% of respondents said that audio-visual devices need to be connected to WiFi. In addition, work-related devices, security devices such as cameras, entertainment devices such as game consoles, and many other devices that families have become accustomed to using, such as sweeping robots and fitness equipment, all require wireless networks. Only 1.3% of people believe that WiFi quality has little impact on quality of life, and “unlimited connectivity” is the norm for modern life.

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Once WiFi malfunctions, it greatly affects the mood of home users. The “report” shows that 40.9% of respondents have very high requirements for WiFi quality, 47.4% of people have higher requirements, and only 0.3% of people are less concerned about this issue. 29.4% of respondents often feel anxious because of poor wireless network signals, and 64.3% of people say they occasionally have this problem, with only 1% of people saying they have never had an anxious moment.

In fact, in addition to anxiety caused by poor network signals, electronic anxiety also manifests as battery anxiety. Users often become anxious when their phone battery is low; there is also red dot syndrome, where users are always unable to control themselves and intentionally or unintentionally open some useless group chat messages.

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