Morning News AMD’s new 7000 series graphics card is about to be released, Xiaopeng Wu Xinzhou resigns

AMD's new 7000 series graphics card release, Xiaopeng Wu Xinzhou resignation

【Phoneauto Morning News】Dr. Lisa Su, CEO of AMD, stated that AMD is expected to further expand its product line of high-end graphics cards in the third quarter; there are rumors that Xiaopeng Motors’ Vice President of Autonomous Driving, Wu Xinzhou, will join NVIDIA as “Global Vice President”; on the evening of August 2nd, DJI officially released the new generation flagship action camera, Osmo Action 4; there are rumors that Xiaomi will also announce its latest self-developed chip at tomorrow’s conference.

During the recent earnings conference call, AMD stated that it will further expand its RX 7000 series graphics card family to fill its market share in the mid-to-high-end market. Dr. Lisa Su, CEO of AMD, said that AMD is expected to further expand its product line of high-end graphics cards in the third quarter.

Su said, “In terms of gaming graphics business, we expanded our Radeon 7000 GPU series in the second quarter, launching our mainstream product – the RX 7600 gaming graphics card. With the launch of the new ‘enthusiast-level’ Radeon 7000 series graphics cards in the third quarter, we are further expanding our RDNA 3 GPU products.”

On August 2nd, there were rumors that Xiaopeng Motors’ Vice President of Autonomous Driving, Wu Xinzhou, will join NVIDIA as “Global Vice President” and report to Huang Renxun. In response to this news, Xiaopeng Motors founder He Xiaopeng wrote a lengthy response on Weibo.

Paul Pan, Senior Product Manager at DJI, said, “Osmo Action 4 continues the reliability and ease of use of the previous generation of products, with a comprehensively upgraded imaging system and a more comprehensive ecosystem of accessories. It is a new generation flagship-quality action camera that excels in both product features and user experience. As sports become increasingly mainstream lifestyle, DJI looks forward to more users using action cameras to record their unique highlights.”

For domestic mobile phone manufacturers, self-developed chips are a difficult but necessary path to take. Whether it’s Huawei’s Kirin, OPPO’s Mariana, or vivo’s V series chips, they are all the results of mobile phone manufacturers’ self-developed chips. Among the many mobile phone manufacturers, Xiaomi has also introduced the powerful series of self-developed chips, and there are reports that Xiaomi will announce the latest self-developed chip at tomorrow’s press conference.

Redmi press conference poster

Recently, Twitter user @That_Kartikey released a poster, and from the picture, it can be seen that the poster is from Redmi, with the words “Post-performance era strategic press conference” written on it. The user revealed that Xiaomi will bring its latest self-developed chip at this press conference tomorrow. In addition, the insider also revealed that with the launch of the Redmi K60 Ultra and Xiaomi 13T Pro, this latest chip will make its debut in the market for the first time. Previously, there were reports that the Redmi K60 Ultra will debut in China, and the device will be launched globally under the name “Xiaomi 13T Pro”.

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