Anhui province has fully initiated the construction of charging and battery swapping infrastructure, aiming to achieve 75% coverage by 2024

Anhui province is constructing charging and battery swapping infrastructure to achieve 75% coverage by 2024

【Phoneauto News】Recently, Phoneauto noticed that according to relevant media reports, Anhui Province has fully launched the construction of charging and swapping infrastructure at the city, county, and township levels this year. They plan to achieve 75% coverage by 2024 and complete full coverage by 2025, creating a “new energy vehicle-friendly province”. At the same time, “bringing charging stations to rural areas” can, in turn, unleash more consumption capacity for new energy vehicles and promote industrial and market development.

Experts have pointed out that the rural new energy vehicle market has relatively low total ownership, insufficient charging infrastructure construction, and insufficient supply of economically practical vehicle models. However, rural and sinking markets have a large population, with a demand for low-cost, comfortable, and convenient travel. “Bringing energy to the countryside” may provide new opportunities for the development of new energy vehicles.

Currently, China has become the world’s largest market for new energy vehicles. However, there are regional differences, with relatively high penetration rates of new energy vehicles in urban areas of China, while the penetration rate in rural areas is significantly lower. According to statistics, the market penetration rate of pure electric vehicle models in county and township markets in China is only about 17%, and the majority of consumers still prefer traditional fuel-powered vehicle models. Therefore, the vast rural areas are currently one of the important markets for the development of the new energy industry, and various regions are also actively carrying out activities to bring new energy to rural areas.

Previously, the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration issued the “Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Charging Infrastructure and Better Supporting the Implementation of New Energy Vehicles in Rural Areas and Rural Revitalization” (referred to as the “Opinions”), which clearly stated “moderately advance the construction of charging infrastructure and optimize the purchasing and usage environment for new energy vehicles” and put forward a series of measures, bringing new policy benefits to the deployment of new energy vehicles in rural areas.

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