Another one? Electric car spontaneous combustion causes a major fire on a cargo ship, Nissan may suffer heavy losses

'Another electric car fire! Major cargo ship fire caused by spontaneous combustion, Nissan's losses may be significant'

【Phoneauto News】Recently, a cargo ship carrying about 2,000 cars caught fire in the Sea of Japan, resulting in one crew member’s death and multiple injuries. It is reported that most of these cars are products of Nissan, including electric cars and hybrid cars. Currently, the fire department and the Japan Coast Guard are making every effort to extinguish the fire, but the fire is still very intense.

Burning ship

According to reports, the cargo ship named “Horizon Highway” departed from Kobe Port in Japan and was heading to the west coast of the United States. On the evening of July 25, at around 10 o’clock, an explosion and a large fire suddenly occurred on the ship, about 300 kilometers southwest of the main island of Japan. The crew immediately initiated the emergency evacuation procedure and called for help from nearby ships. The Japan Coast Guard dispatched helicopters and patrol boats to the scene and successfully rescued 23 crew members. Unfortunately, one crew member has died and two others are injured.

After preliminary investigation, the fire department believes that the fire was caused by the spontaneous combustion of an electric car’s battery. Due to the presence of high voltage, high temperature, and flammable chemicals in the battery, an explosion and fire can be triggered if a short circuit or overcharging occurs. Moreover, it is difficult to extinguish a battery fire because it continues to release oxygen and heat. This led to the rapid spread of the fire to other cars and containers, forming a huge fireball.

Burning ship

This incident is undoubtedly a heavy blow to Nissan. It is reported that many of the destroyed cars were Nissan’s latest electric and hybrid models, such as Ariya, Leaf, Rogue, etc. These cars are crucial for Nissan to compete with rivals like Tesla in the global market. However, in this cargo ship fire, they not only suffered significant economic losses but also may face consumer doubts and trust crisis regarding the safety and reliability of their products.

The occurrence of fires caused by electric vehicle spontaneous combustion is not an isolated incident. In recent years, as electric vehicles have become more popular, similar accidents have occurred around the world involving various brands such as Tesla, BMW, and Hyundai. These accidents not only pose a threat to people’s lives and property, but also cause environmental pollution. Therefore, how to improve the safety of electric vehicles and prevent battery spontaneous combustion is an urgent problem that needs to be solved.

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