Borderless iPhone is coming? Apple asks Samsung and LG to develop new panels

Apple has asked Samsung and LG to develop new panels for the upcoming borderless iPhone

【PhoneAuto News】On July 24th, according to South Korean media thelec, Samsung Display and LG Display have been found to be developing new OLED panels at the request of Apple in order to eliminate all front display bezels on the iPhone. Currently, Apple is making the front display bezels of the iPhone thinner, with the ultimate goal of making them zero.

It is reported that Apple hopes to achieve a bezel-less display while maintaining the flat display and angular design of the iPhone. This is different from the curved display screens currently used by other smartphone companies. Apple has rejected Samsung Electronics’ curved display technology, which has been used in flagship smartphones such as the Galaxy S series. It is understood that if a curved display screen is used on the side of a smartphone, an “magnifying glass effect” will occur optically, which Apple avoids. In addition to causing distortion on the side display, curved screen design also makes the phone screen more prone to damage if dropped.

If a curved display screen is not used, in order to achieve Apple’s desired bezel-less design, all the circuits in the current bezel area must be bent under the display. This requires ensuring space for the antennas and solving potential signal interference issues. In order to achieve a bezel-less screen, other challenges that need to be addressed include thin film encapsulation (TFE) and under-display camera (UPC) technology. The outer film packaging of the product must be thinner than it is now, and the screen where the under-display camera is located must be indistinguishable from other parts to improve the visual unity of the screen.

Currently, there are still many difficulties in achieving the bezel-less OLED screen that Apple wants. As a prerequisite for achieving this goal, Apple is reducing the screen bezels of the iPhone. LG Display has recently failed to meet Apple’s requirements, which is related to Apple’s attempt to make the front bottom bezel of the iPhone 15 Pro series thinner.

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