New patent for Apple iPhone exposed, which can be unfolded like a scroll

Apple iPhone patent reveals foldable design

【PhoneAuto News】Let’s imagine what the future iPhone will look like. One of the directions for Apple’s future design can be seen in their newly approved patent. Recently, according to the list published by the US Trademark and Patent Office, PhoneAuto learned that Apple has obtained a patent for an “electronic device with a flexible display structure” that can be slowly unfolded like a scroll. In the patent description, Apple writes that the flexible screen can be wrapped around a scroll in the storage position. When the screen is pulled out of the shell, an auxiliary setting can be used to unfold the scroll wheel to expand the screen.

Apple phone

From the sketch, it can be seen that when not in use, half of the screen of this phone will bend inside the body and can be controlled by software to be in the standby state so as not to waste power. When users need to use it, they can directly pull out the full screen, which is about twice the area when in a scroll state, making it more convenient to use than a foldable screen phone. Currently, this technology is only in the patent stage, and it cannot be determined whether it will be applied to the iPhone in the future.

Apple’s new patent

In addition to Apple, Lenovo demonstrated a scroll notebook computer last year, in which the computer screen can be freely switched between 12 inches and 15 inches, making it convenient for users to handle different tasks, and the appearance is very cool. In addition, Motorola under Lenovo has also launched a scrollable phone. The design of the appearance is almost identical to the scrollable iPhone patent. It also uses an up and down scroll scheme, and the screen can be freely switched between 5 inches and 6.5 inches. Due to the consideration of protecting the mechanical structure, it takes about three seconds to fully expand, with a thickness of more than one centimeter and a weight of 210 grams.

Lenovo Scroll Laptop

In addition to the new patent announced this time, PhoneAuto has learned that Apple has previously announced a folding screen phone patent that can achieve self-repair of the folding area. According to foreign media reports, Apple is researching a method that uses heat, light, electric current, or other types of methods to allow the folding area to self-heal. With this technology, the risk of accidentally damaging the folding screen will be greatly reduced.

It is worth mentioning that not long ago, Google released the Pixel Fold folding screen phone, which means that among mainstream phone manufacturers, only Apple has not yet launched a foldable screen phone. However, there are rumors that Apple’s foldable screen phone, the iPhone Fold, may be launched this year.

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