After undergoing 41 rigorous testing standards! Partial configuration and parameters of the Baojun Yue also exposed

Baojun Yue's partial configuration and parameters exposed after passing 41 rigorous testing standards

【PhoneAuto News】Recently, according to PhoneAuto, SAIC-GM-Wuling officially released the safety and battery information of its new small electric SUV, Baojun E300. Baojun E300 innovatively applies the iWatch design concept to the car, and it is the first to be equipped with a Car-watch, creating a more personalized and diverse social life for young users. According to previous reports, the new car will be officially launched on May 25.

Baojun E300

In terms of safety, Baojun E300 is based on the highest digital factory production of SGMW and adopts the GMS-BIQ4 global manufacturing quality system certification standard. The car is equipped with a high-strength cage-type body, with 6 beams and pillars for multiple protections on the front side, and the front impact beam uses advanced high-strength steel and an energy-absorbing box. Even in the event of a collision, it can effectively cushion the impact. The hood area of the engine compartment uses low-carbon steel, which not only ensures the safety of the driver and passengers, but also effectively considers the safety of pedestrians. The key protective parts of the car body, such as the left and right front beams and the left and right A-pillars, use hot-formed high-strength steel with a strength of more than 1500MPa. In addition, the E300 battery adopts a square battery frame, which is not easy to be squeezed, deformed, or pierced.

In addition, Baojun E300’s battery has undergone 41 rigorous testing standards, and its waterproof rating reaches IP68, bringing users a more secure foundation for power batteries. In the event of dangerous situations such as short circuits, overcurrents, and leakage during charging, the relay will automatically disconnect and can also achieve eight-fold charging safety protection, including charging waterproof protection, anti-touching, and lightning protection. The new car is equipped with six safety configurations as standard, including dual front and side airbags, warning seat belts, ESC body electronic stability system, ABS anti-lock braking system, slope assist function, and reverse image/front and rear radar. The top-of-the-line model is also equipped with six intelligent active safety features.

In terms of configuration, the Baojun Yue is also equipped with the “Lingxi Smart Driving System” jointly developed by Wuling and DJI. With the support of DJI’s car-mounted stereo dual-camera, coupled with a vehicle-grade domain controller and drone homologous algorithm, it is committed to creating an industry-leading integrated solution for parking and driving.

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