Baojun Yun Duo’s epic-level cabin space configuration announced, with a maximum rear volume of 1707L

Baojun Yun Duo's cabin space configuration announced, with maximum rear volume of 1707L

【phoneauto News】On July 14th, phoneauto learned that Baojun Motors has released the cabin space configuration information of its Baojun Cloud. The official introduction is “A-class size, B-class cabin”. It is reported that the vehicle will start nationwide pre-orders in mid-late July and will be launched at the end of July.

Baojun Cloud cabin space configuration announced

In terms of body size, the length, width, and height of the Baojun Cloud are 4295/1850/1652mm, with a wheelbase of 2700mm. The interior space of the vehicle adopts the design concept of “comfortable home in the clouds”. The longitudinal length of the passenger compartment reaches 2287mm, which is the largest in the same class, accounting for 84.7% of the wheelbase; the distance between the front and rear seats is up to 935mm, which is also the largest in the same class, accounting for 34.6% of the wheelbase.

In addition, the Baojun Cloud is equipped with a rear three-seat “sofa bed” with a hip space of 1393mm and a height of 339mm. The angle of the rear seats can be adjusted up to 135°.

The Baojun Cloud’s rear seats are also equipped with a center armrest, reading lights on both sides, rear independent air vents, and two safety seat interfaces. At the same time, the new car is equipped with a “three-layer storage compartment” in the trunk, which comes with a movable partition and supports three adjustment methods. The daily storage space is 382L; removing the partition expands the trunk space to 606L, which can accommodate 10 20-inch suitcases.

In addition, the rear seats of the vehicle support a 4:6 independent fold-down, and together with the maximum width of 1153mm, the maximum opening height is 1840mm, and the opening and closing angle of the tailgate is 70°. The rear seats can also be fully folded down, and the maximum volume after folding down is 1707L.

Baojun Cloud

In addition, the Baojun Cloud interior offers the option of Emerald Green or Black Pearl high-end gemstone dual colors; the high-frequency contact areas inside the car are covered with 100% leather upholstery, equipped with a “15.6-inch + 8.8-inch intelligent dual-screen” large TV, full of technological sense.

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