Baoshun Cloud 28th July blind booking opens, power configuration exposed, dubbed epic-level

Baoshun Cloud blind booking opens on July 28th, power configuration exposed, dubbed epic-level

【phoneauto News】As a new car under the Baonu brand, the Yun Duo, positioned as a “comfortable five-seat pure electric family car,” has been preheated for some time. According to phoneauto, Baonu Yun Duo will begin blind pre-orders on July 28th, and the official has also simultaneously released more power and driving control details of the new car.

Baonu Yun Duo

According to the official introduction, Baonu Yun Duo is equipped with a front MacPherson suspension and a rear 1500MPa ultra-high-strength steel torsion beam chassis structure. The front subframe adopts a full-frame design with three horizontal and two vertical rigid beams, and the rear torsion beam uses 1500MPa ultra-high-strength steel, which is twice as strong as the normal torsion beam of the same level of car, and is the only one in the same class to use a rear suspension hydraulic lining, greatly improving handling and comfort performance.

In addition, Baonu Yun Duo is equipped with a 100kW high-power motor as standard, with a peak torque of 200N·m, leading the same level of car. The power response under all working conditions is only 0.3 seconds, and the 0-50km/h acceleration is less than 4 seconds. It is also equipped with a crawling function as standard, which prevents rollback during half-slope starting and stopping; the whole series is equipped with E-booster electronic brake system, achieving millisecond-level response, and the braking distance is less than 40 meters; the whole series is equipped with a comfortable braking mode, which can reduce motion sickness and braking rebound; the whole series is equipped with ESC and EPS, with stronger grip on wet and slippery roads.

Baonu Yun Duo interior

In terms of tranquility, the Baojun Yun Duo has undergone a “materials/parts/system/vehicle” full-scenario 4-level NVH control, covering the entire vehicle with 24 acoustic packages, and using a fully covered carpet made of felt. Multi-layer composite materials with sound absorption and insulation properties have been added to key areas such as the front panel and floor. In addition, the new car is equipped with stepless compressor and stepless speed-regulating electronic fan, reducing idle noise by 12%. The E-booster, which is standard across the entire lineup, also has excellent brake silence.

The Baojun Yun Duo will start blind pre-orders on July 28th and is expected to be officially launched in August. Reports suggest that its starting price will be around 90,000 yuan.

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