Baoshun Yun Duo will officially launch on August 10th! Pre-orders are now open for a total of 4 configurations

Baoshun Yun Duo officially launches on August 10th with pre-orders now available for 4 configurations

【phoneauto News】On July 28th, the long-awaited Baojun Yun Duo has confirmed that it will be officially launched on August 10th! Currently, the car has started blind reservations, and the first 10,000 blind reservation customers can enjoy limited-time gifts. The new car has four configurations to choose from: 360 Plus, 360 Pro, 460 Pro, and 460 Max. According to phoneauto, the official Baojun website has labeled the new car as the “next popular new energy vehicle under 150,000 yuan”, so it is not difficult to guess that the price may be around 150,000 yuan. Previously, there were reports that the starting price of Baojun Yun Duo was expected to drop below 100,000 yuan.

Baojun Yun Duo exterior and interior

phoneauto has learned that the first 10,000 users who place an order before 24:00 on August 10th can enjoy special benefits. Among them, placing an order for 9.9 yuan can get a charging gift, the 460km version comes with a 7kW AC charging pile (excluding installation), and the 360km version comes with a 3.5kW AC charging pile, also excluding installation. For orders placed with a deposit of 1000 yuan, in addition to the charging gift, the official will also provide a Yun Duo four-piece set, including headrests, cushions, lumbar pillows, and an inflatable bed. In addition, there are financial interest subsidies, with the 460km and 360km versions eligible for up to 5,000 yuan and 4,000 yuan subsidies, respectively.

Baojun Yun Duo core configurations

While starting blind reservations, the official website has also released the core configuration information of each version of Baojun Yun Duo. Among them, the 360 Plus version has a range of 360km, equipped with a 100kW high-power motor, and features such as LED headlights, automatic rain-sensing wipers, automatic constant temperature air conditioning, electrically adjustable and heated exterior mirrors, rearview camera, and ESC body stability system. The 360 Pro version adds features such as Yun Duo sofa seats, front side airbags, and 360° panoramic imaging on top of the Plus version. The 460 Pro version adds features such as 220V external power output, and the charging and tires are also upgraded. The 460 Max version adds hardware features such as a 256-color breathing atmosphere light, power tailgate, and wireless charging for mobile phones. It is worth mentioning that Baojun Yun Duo will also launch the 460 Ling Xi version.

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