Battle of 618 A Comprehensive Look at the Trends of Major Mobile Phone Manufacturers, Price Wars are Heating Up

Battle of 618 Trends & Price Wars of Major Mobile Phone Makers

【PhoneAuto】There are two major online shopping festivals in China: Mid-Year 618 and End-of-Year Double 11. They are the two biggest promotional periods in the first and second half of the year respectively. As May comes to an end, the annual Mid-Year 618 promotion has officially begun.

Compared with previous years, this year’s 618 will be the largest ever. Taking Taobao and Tmall as an example, the number of merchants and products participating in Tmall 618 this year has reached a new high, with an estimated 60 million products participating in discounts and 1.45 million merchants participating. The officials also emphasized that “this year’s Taobao and Tmall 618 is the largest investment in history, and is expected to be the biggest consumer welfare 618 in history.” is also not to be outdone, aiming to hold the “largest industry-wide investment in 618”.

PhoneAuto believes that this large-scale shopping festival is not only a financial test for consumers, but also a mental test. Various shopping subsidies, deposits, and discounts are dazzling. So, what are the highlights and strategies worth paying attention to on major platforms this year?

For “shopping addicts”, facing such a big promotion like Mid-Year 618 can be very tempting. Among the many categories, electronic products have become the focus of consumer attention, especially mobile phones and televisions. 618 can be said to be the last hope for electronic product manufacturers in the first half of the year, and they all hope to seize this opportunity to boost sales. How will the “rolling” manufacturers present their battle and outcome during the 618 period?

In response to this Mid-Year 618 promotion, PhoneAuto has specially launched a “Returning to 618” special topic, focusing on observing the e-commerce and mobile phone industries. The topic of this article is the “movements of major mobile phone manufacturers during the Mid-Year 618 promotion”.

Although the continuous decline in global mobile phone shipments is not good news for major manufacturers, it is not the case for consumers. In times of industry recession, manufacturers naturally have to find ways to attract more customers. Among them, the most effective means is nothing but the crude method of price reduction promotion. And in this year’s 618, the competition among major manufacturers is increasingly fierce.

During this year’s 618 period, many manufacturers are giving it their all. Among them, the most noteworthy are Honor, Xiaomi, OPPO and vivo.

Firstly, Honor is mainly promoting a “guarantee”! Currently, Honor Mall has launched the 618 full-process price protection activity, and the lowest price for service products has also reached 30% off. At the same time, Honor Mall also supports Alipay’s 24-stage interest-free installment and UnionPay’s installment of 100 yuan for every 2,000 yuan spent. In terms of products, the highest discount for Honor’s top flagship Magic5 series is up to 500 yuan, and the highest discount for Honor 80 GT is up to 800 yuan, which can be said to be quite generous in terms of the discount amount. Moreover, while providing this series of discounts, Honor also brought the latest 90 series flagship models at the end of May, which showed extremely strong competitiveness in the mid-to-high-end market with a high imaging power of 200 million pixels.

Xiaomi is also not idle. In previous years, 618 was a critical period for its online models to sell well. This year, Xiaomi is naturally ambitious. According to official information, Xiaomi Mall will make a profit of 1.6 billion yuan! Among Xiaomi and its subsidiary brand Redmi’s products, there are also many noteworthy ones. For example, the 13 series, which has been on the market for half a year and has the highest reduction of 400 yuan, and the old flagship 12S Pro, which has a reduction of 900 yuan, all have a further reduction of 500 yuan, and the K60 series, which adds 16GB of RAM and 1TB of storage, are also like this. In addition to mobile phone products, Xiaomi’s rich smart home products will also participate in the price reduction, with the highest discount reaching 3,000 yuan!

In 2023, OPPO manufacturers also brought many cost-effective models. Therefore, their price reductions this year are quite sincere. It is reported that OPPO has also launched a full-process price guarantee, offering a maximum subsidy of 2,000 yuan, and some flagship mobile phone models have even reduced prices by up to 1,000 yuan. Currently, the Find X6 Pro and Find N2 Flip from OPPO both have a final price of 5,999 yuan, and new models like the K11x and Reno10 series also offer certain discounts. Among them, the Reno10 series is worth paying attention to. This is a milestone work in the ten-year history of the series, with a comprehensive upgrade in appearance and configuration.

OPPO has offered such powerful discounts, and vivo naturally will not fall behind. According to official information, vivo’s products offer a maximum discount of 1,000 yuan, and some models provide 24 interest-free installments. The vivo flagship X90 series also has a time-limited maximum discount of 500 yuan, and the starting price has dropped to 3,799 yuan. At the same time, the discount on the vivo Pad2 has further reached a maximum of 700 yuan. With this, its starting price officially fell below the 2,000 yuan mark. In the Android tablet market, the vivo Pad2 used to rely mainly on its excellent texture to win users. Nowadays, cost-effectiveness will also become one of its advantages.

However, even though most of the major manufacturers in the market are in a “roll up their sleeves and get ready for battle” posture, there are still some manufacturers who, based on their own high style, still have a relaxed look like Mount Tai. For example, Apple and Huawei, the two most special companies.

Apple is a company that has changed the entire mobile phone industry. Just from this point of view, it has enough capital to look down on other peers. Especially in terms of marketing, Apple has always appeared “unique”. During this year’s 618 promotion period, Apple’s official actions were not much. At present, the Apple official website has not yet launched promotional activities, and all major products have not reduced their prices. Compared with other manufacturers who act more quickly, Apple appears to be at ease.

However, major e-commerce platforms will obviously not easily let go of this “cash cow”. Currently, as China’s largest electronic product shopping platform, has prepared a large number of discounts for Apple products. With the strong subsidy from, the price of the iPhone 14 Pro from Apple has come to the 6,000 yuan price range, and the 128GB version of the iPhone 14 Pro can be purchased for only 6,499 yuan, which is the lowest price among all official authorized channels. At the same time, in addition to smartphones, Apple Watch has a discount of 500 yuan, and the iPad can be purchased at a discounted price of up to 700 yuan. In addition, has also launched Apple’s self-operated hour purchase. Consumers can get a new phone in as fast as 1 hour when purchasing an iPhone in the Apple product flagship store.

Similarly to Apple, Huawei is also offering discounts. Even before the development of the Hongmeng OS system, Huawei was the most special domestic mobile phone manufacturer. There are many Chinese consumers who are loyal supporters of the Huawei brand. Currently, even in the situation where it is unable to launch 5G smartphones, Huawei’s smartphone sales are steadily increasing.

According to information from the official mall, during the 618 period, booking a Huawei phone can save up to 2,000 yuan in expenses and also enjoy 24-month interest-free installment payments; booking a Huawei notebook can also save up to 2,000 yuan and support 12-month interest-free installment payments; booking a Huawei tablet can save up to 700 yuan; booking Huawei smart wearable devices, such as smart watches and smart bracelets, can save up to 500 yuan; booking Huawei smart audio devices can save up to 500 yuan; booking Huawei smart home devices, such as smart screens, can reduce expenses by up to 4,000 yuan. In addition, Huawei’s screen protection and other guarantee service products are discounted at 88% throughout the period, and full-price protection services are provided during the 618 period.

Moreover, Huawei’s latest flagship model P60 series also offers great discounts. Currently, the highest discount for Huawei P60 Pro is 800 yuan, and the 8GB+256GB version is reduced from 6988 yuan to 6188 yuan. Huawei P60 Art is discounted by 1000 yuan, and the 12GB+1TB version is reduced from 10988 yuan to 9988 yuan. Although the discounts are quite large, considering their original price of over 10,000 yuan, such a discount is still expected.

After being strategically invested by Star Era, Meizu Technology now has sufficient confidence and released a new flagship product a few months ago. During the 618 period, although the discount for Meizu is not large (Meizu 20 standard version saves 200 yuan and supports 12 installments with no interest, Pro version supports 12 installments with no interest), Meizu offers a “three-year quality guarantee”, which is rare in the entire mobile phone market! At the same time, Meizu also brings a white front panel version of the standard version of the 20 series, which can be called a “rare species” in the mobile phone industry. This version of the phone has a high appearance value, and I believe many people will be attracted to it at first glance.

In fact, many netizens who understand the mobile phone industry know that ZTE actually has considerable strength and is not inferior to several major mobile phone manufacturers. Currently, ZTE’s 618 promotion is also not simple. According to official information, the highest discount for the Nubia Z50 Ultra is 300 yuan, and the price is 3999 yuan; the highest discount for the Nubia Z50 is 800 yuan, and the price is 2599 yuan; the highest discount for the ZTE Axon40 Ultra is 1200 yuan, and the price is 4798 yuan. Among these three flagship models, except for Z50, the other two models adopt the under-screen front camera technology, which is rare in the current market for mobile phone products with a “complete screen”. Consumers who are interested in this feature should not miss it.

Overall, the promotion efforts of major manufacturers during this year’s 618 shopping festival are even stronger than in the past. Rather than easing, the competition between them has become even fiercer. Both the industry and the market will recover in the second half of 2023. Therefore, major manufacturers all need to seize the opportunity of the 618 promotion. As consumers, we need to seize this rare opportunity to satisfy our own needs for upgrading our devices.

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