Great relief! Starting next year, Beijing and other cities will fully ban the use of LaoTouLe electric scooters

Beijing and other cities will fully ban LaoTouLe electric scooters starting next year

【PhoneAuto News】”Lao Tou Le” has become extremely popular in China in recent years due to its ultra-low cost and advantages such as not requiring a license plate or driver’s license. However, the high sales of “Lao Tou Le” have also led to various safety issues. Without a license plate, drivers do not have to abide by traffic rules, and without a driver’s license, anyone can drive it. Imagine a person who has not learned traffic rules or how to drive a car driving on the road, what kind of safety hazards could occur. In addition, due to the ultra-low cost of “Lao Tou Le”, there are great safety hazards in the materials used for the vehicles, and there are almost no active or passive safety features.

According to relevant media reports, “Lao Tou Le” can still be seen in Beijing’s community alleys, alleys, and some urban main roads. The location of some “Lao Tou Le” license plates has changed from manufacturer advertisements or auspicious numbers to “Beijing B” license plates. Some “Lao Tou Le” vehicle owners said that their main purpose is to pick up and drop off children and go to the market to buy groceries. Recently, according to PhoneAuto, many places have cracked down on the illegal behavior of low-speed electric vehicles, and electric three- and four-wheeled vehicles known as “Lao Tou Le” have become the focus of rectification.

Beijing’s illegal electric three- and four-wheeled vehicles (commonly known as “Lao Tou Le”) are not allowed to drive on the road. They are not allowed to park in public places such as roads, squares, or parking lots. Violators will be punished by the police according to law. Relevant departments stated that the so-called “old-age mobility scooter” (“Lao Tou Le”) is a term fabricated by manufacturers out of thin air, and the official name of this product is electric three- and four-wheeled vehicles, which belong to the category of motor vehicles. The vast majority of them are produced without the permission of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and are not included in the “List of Road Motor Vehicle Manufacturers and Products Announcement”.

According to the traffic management department, there were 131 cases of traffic accidents involving illegal electric three- and four-wheelers in Beijing in 2022, resulting in over 100 deaths.

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