What else does the million-level electric SUV Lotus ELETRE offer besides performance?

Besides performance, what else does the million-level electric SUV Lotus ELETRE offer?

【phoneauto Test Drive】Lotus is a sports car brand with a long history and legendary status, known for its lightweight, pure, and high-performance vehicles. However, in the wave of electrification and intelligence, Lotus also has to undergo transformation and launch its first pure electric SUV – ELETRE. The name of this car means “rebirth” in Hungarian, symbolizing the brand revival and innovative breakthrough of Lotus. So, can this car inherit the spirit and genes of Lotus, and bring consumers a brand new driving experience? We had the opportunity to experience this high-performance electric SUV with a price tag of over a million.


The exterior design of Lotus ELETRE is led by Russell Carr, the chief designer of Lotus, and his team. They perfectly combine aerodynamics with aesthetics to create an SUV that is both sporty and elegant. The body lines are smooth and tense, various air ducts and vents are cleverly distributed throughout the body, providing practical functions and visual impact.


The front face of the car adopts the family-style design of Lotus. The grille and front bumper use a large amount of carbon fiber material, which not only reduces the weight of the car but also increases the texture. The grille also uses an active air intake grille, which can automatically open or close according to the cooling needs, improving aerodynamic efficiency. The headlights use LED light sources and are equipped with matrix-style high and low beam lights and steering auxiliary lights, providing excellent lighting effects.


The side profile of the car is simple and dynamic, with the window line starting from the rear window and angling upwards, creating a small spoiler effect and increasing downforce. The side skirts and wheel arches are made of carbon fiber material, and air ducts are placed at the front and rear wheel arches to guide airflow along the sides of the car. The ELETRE comes with 22-inch dual-tone blade-style five-spoke wheels as standard, paired with 6-piston red brake calipers, showcasing a strong sporty atmosphere. It’s worth mentioning that, as allowed by regulations, the ELETRE can also be equipped with small-sized electronic side mirrors, which not only reduce aerodynamic drag but also improve visibility range.

Lotus ELETRE rear spoiler

The rear design is also filled with a sense of technology and futurism. The continuous taillights use LED light sources and are equipped with an active electric rear spoiler that automatically adjusts its angle based on speed and driving mode, generating a maximum downforce of 90 kilograms. The lower part of the rear bumper is also equipped with a large-sized double-layer diffuser device, which effectively streamlines the airflow passing through the chassis. It’s worth noting that the ELETRE body is equipped with four 128-line LiDARs, seven 8MP cameras, six millimeter-wave radars, four 2MP surround-view cameras, twelve ultrasonic sensors, and an in-car camera, providing it with powerful perception capabilities and advanced driving assistance functions.

The interior design of the ELETRE is also led by Lotus Chief Designer Russell Carr and his team, who have perfectly integrated luxury and technology, creating a comfortable and intelligent driving space. The cabin extensively uses carbon fiber panels, leather materials, Alcantara materials, and metal trim, creating a high-end atmosphere. The steering wheel is wrapped in leather and carbon fiber, offering a comfortable and tactile grip.

Lotus ELETRE Interior

The instrument panel and center console both feature full LCD displays, providing clear and vibrant visuals. The instrument panel is a 12.6-inch rectangular screen that displays vehicle driving and navigation information. The center console is a 15.1-inch floating OLED multimedia control screen that integrates functions such as air conditioning, audio, and vehicle settings, offering simple and intuitive operation. In addition, the ELETRE is equipped with a 29-inch AR HUD system that can project various useful information on the windshield, such as vehicle speed, turn signals, and lane markings, making it more convenient for the driver to access data.

The seat design of the ELETRE also combines sportiness and comfort. It features racing-style seat frames wrapped in Alcantara and leather materials, providing good support and comfort. In addition to basic power adjustments, the seats are also equipped with heating, ventilation, and massage functions, effectively enhancing the riding comfort. The rear seats are equipped with two individual seats (optional three-seat version) that can also be adjusted electronically, and they come with a central armrest and cup holders. The rear center also features a foldable 8-inch central screen that can control in-car devices and provide information about the vehicle. The ELETRE also comes standard with a sound system from the British luxury brand KEF, including 15 speakers and surround sound technology. Users can also choose to upgrade the number of speakers (up to 23 speakers).

Lotus ELETRE Rear Seats (Four-seat version)

The ELETRE series is equipped with powerful front and rear dual permanent magnet synchronous motors. The S+ and R+ versions have maximum motor power outputs of 450 kW (612 horsepower) and 675 kW (918 horsepower) respectively, and maximum torque of 710 Nm and 985 Nm respectively. The 0-100km/h acceleration times are 4.5 seconds and 2.95 seconds respectively, and the top speeds are 258km/h and 265km/h respectively. With such power data, the ELETRE becomes a top performer among SUVs and can even rival some supercars.

ELETRE adopts an electronic four-wheel drive system, which can automatically adjust the torque distribution ratio between the front and rear axles according to road conditions and driving modes, achieving optimal traction and stability. ELETRE is also equipped with a rear-wheel steering system, which can make the rear wheels turn in the opposite direction to the front wheels at low speeds, reducing the turning radius. At high speeds, the rear wheels can turn in the same direction as the front wheels, improving vehicle stability and maneuverability. ELETRE is also equipped with various safety assist functions such as electronic stability control system, traction control system, anti-lock braking system, brake assist system, and hill descent control system, providing comprehensive protection for the driver.

ELETRE is equipped with a lithium-ion battery pack with a capacity of 100 kilowatt-hours. The CLTC version of the S+ model has a range of 650 kilometers, while the R+ version has a range of 560 kilometers. The battery pack is equipped with a liquid cooling system to ensure stability under high temperatures and loads. ELETRE also supports fast charging, which can charge the battery pack to 80% in 30 minutes. In addition, ELETRE is equipped with wireless charging function, which can automatically align with the wireless charging pad for charging when parking.

In this test drive, we experienced various performance and functions of the Lotus ELETRE. We mainly tested the difference in driving experience in different driving modes. We first chose the comfort mode, which is also the default mode of the vehicle and suitable for daily driving. In this mode, the power output of ELETRE is relatively smooth and gentle, the steering assistance is relatively strong, the suspension adjustment is relatively soft, and the seat massage function can also be used. When driving at a moderate speed, we felt the quietness and comfort of ELETRE.

As an all-electric vehicle, ELETRE does not have the noise and vibration of an engine, only slight influences from tire and wind noise. However, ELETRE has good sound insulation, and the interior of the car is very quiet. The seats are also comfortable, with good support and wrapping, and the massage function is also soothing. The suspension is also soft, with no obvious body roll when cornering and no feeling of bumps when going over speed bumps. The steering is also easy, and the rear-wheel steering system makes ELETRE more agile and responsive in turns.

Lotus ELETRE Seat Details

Next, we selected the sport mode, which is the high-performance mode of ELETRE and suitable for intense driving. In this mode, the power output of ELETRE becomes stronger and more direct, the steering assistance becomes smaller, the suspension adjustment becomes firmer, and the seat massage function cannot be used. We drove at high speed on a closed test road and felt the strength and agility of ELETRE.

Due to the dual-motor four-wheel drive system, ELETRE accelerates rapidly and smoothly without any lag or jerking. It only takes less than 3 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h, which means overtaking on the highway in daily life will become effortless. The brakes are also very powerful and linear, without any instability or jitter during high-speed deceleration. The steering is also very precise and stable, without any slipping or drifting during high-speed cornering. The rear-wheel follow-up steering system makes ELETRE more stable and balanced during high-speed cornering. The suspension is also very solid, without any leaning or rolling feeling during cornering, and there is no sense of losing control or bumpiness on uneven road surfaces.


Finally, in addition to experiencing the performance of ELETRE, we also experienced the advanced driver assistance system of the car to feel the intelligence and safety of ELETRE. With its powerful hardware and advanced algorithms, Lotus ELETRE left a deep impression on us in terms of intelligent driving.


After activating the assisted driving mode, we don’t need to operate the steering wheel, accelerator, or brake. We only need to observe the vehicle’s driving situation. ELETRE’s assisted driving system is very advanced and reliable. It can recognize various information such as road markings, traffic signals, road signs, obstacles, etc., and make reasonable judgments and decisions based on this information. ELETRE can automatically maintain lanes, adjust speed, change lanes, overtake, avoid obstacles, etc., and it is very stable and smooth. ELETRE is also equipped with various safety assistance functions, such as collision warning, blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, etc., which can timely alert or intervene in dangerous situations to prevent accidents.

Through this test drive, we have gained a deeper understanding of Lotus ELETRE. ELETRE is a versatile and excellent SUV that excels in appearance, interior design, power, handling, and intelligence. ELETRE not only inherits Lotus’ lightweight, pure, and high-performance brand spirit but also demonstrates Lotus’ brand rejuvenation and innovative breakthroughs.

From this test drive, we can also find that ELETRE is a SUV suitable for different occasions and needs. Whether it’s daily commuting, weekend outings, or track racing, it can bring satisfaction and pleasure to the driver. Of course, its relatively niche brand awareness and million-dollar price limit its potential to become a bestseller. However, its appearance has brought a new pure electric power to the luxury SUV market, which is currently dominated by gasoline-powered vehicles.

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