BMW recalls over 10,000 iX vehicles overseas due to cruise control bugs that may cause unintended acceleration

BMW recalls 10,000 iX vehicles abroad for cruise control defects leading to unintended acceleration

【PhoneAuto News】As the flagship model of BMW’s electric SUVs, the BMW iX can be said to be a key step in its electrification efforts. However, recently, this luxury electric SUV has had to be recalled because some owners have reported issues with the cruise control system’s settings, which could pose a certain risk to drivers.


Some owners have told BMW that they are very likely to accidentally touch the vehicle’s cruise control system while driving at low speeds. This issue was first discovered at the end of 2022, when BMW received complaints from owners about unintended acceleration. Although the earliest cases led BMW to believe that this was unlikely to be related to the cruise control, the increasing number of complaints prompted them to change their minds.

After investigating, BMW ultimately found that when the vehicle is driven at low speeds and the steering wheel is turned significantly, the driver’s hand may accidentally touch the cruise control button. This could cause the vehicle to suddenly accelerate and sound an alarm if the driver had previously set the cruise control, then turned it off, and accidentally reactivated it later, for example, when they were preparing to park after a long highway drive. However, the driver can disable the system by pressing the cancel button or by braking.


BMW said that this recall involves 11,180 BMW iX vehicles, including iX xDrive50 and 2022-2024 iX M60. BMW said it will avoid this issue through a software upgrade, but did not specifically mention how the upgrade will be carried out. The recall will begin in July, and affected owners will need to take their vehicles to a local BMW dealership for a free upgrade.

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