BMW’s all-new pure electric i5 has officially entered production in Germany Price reduction? That’s impossible

BMW's new electric i5 is now in production in Germany Price reduction? Impossible

【Phoneauto News】According to phoneauto, BMW’s new all-electric i5 has started production in Germany, but the official stated that there are no plans to lower the price of electric vehicle models.

According to foreign media reports, Milan Nedeljkovic, head of BMW Group Production, recently stated that the demand for electric vehicles in the European market is stronger than expected, which will help offset the impact of declining orders in its largest single market, China.

BMW i5

From the data, passenger car sales in the European market have achieved positive growth for 11 consecutive months, with electric vehicle orders increasing by 55% year-on-year. Among EU member states, electric vehicle sales have exceeded diesel vehicle sales for the first time. Nedeljkovic stated while visiting BMW Group Dingolfing Plant that BMW Group expected European market orders to decline at the beginning of this year, but the actual situation is the opposite. Currently, BMW has started production of the new all-electric BMW i5 sedan at the factory.

Nedeljkovic also pointed out that BMW’s new car orders in the Chinese market are currently declining, but the demand for BMW models in the United States is increasing. In the European market, the popularity of electric vehicles has driven an increase in orders, while the demand for fuel vehicles is relatively stable.

Currently, BMW’s electric vehicle product lineup has taken initial shape, including three sedans: i5, i7, and i4, as well as three SUV models: iX3, iX, and iX1. BMW Group hopes that electric vehicle sales will account for 15% of its overall sales this year. It is estimated that by 2030, sales of pure electric vehicle models will account for half of the group’s total sales. By 2025, BMW’s newly developed vehicle models will be officially launched, and with the help of a new platform, BMW Group hopes to reduce the cost of electric vehicle batteries by half, while increasing the range and charging speed by 30%.

Foreign media pointed out that with the price reduction of Tesla, there may be increasing downward pressure on the prices of electric vehicle models from brands such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi. However, Nedeljkovic stated that BMW does not intend to lower the prices of electric vehicles.

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