If you don’t buy a television this year’s 618, you’ll be at a loss Trust me, these three models are pretty good

Buy a TV this year's 618, trust me, these three models are good

【PhoneAuto Guide】I don’t know if everyone has noticed that in this year’s 618 promotion, both e-commerce platforms and major manufacturers have given much greater discounts than previous years. Therefore, many in the technology industry are celebrating. Among them, smart TV products are especially popular.

According to data from major e-commerce platforms, the sales of TV and audio products during the 618 period exceeded 100 million yuan in just 30 seconds after the start of pre-sales. Specifically, in this year’s 618 TV category, the transaction amount of gaming TVs has doubled compared to last year’s 618; especially for ultra-large screen TVs above 85 inches, they are particularly popular among consumers.

This year’s 618 is definitely a great time to buy a smart TV. Of course, many consumers may not be very familiar with smart TVs. But don’t worry, PhoneAuto will recommend three popular TV products here, each with different focuses, which can definitely meet the needs of most users.

Generally speaking, a 55-inch TV can provide a pretty good display effect, and the price is more affordable than larger sizes. Therefore, the first TV recommended by PhoneAuto here is the Sharp Q Pro series 55-inch TV. Currently, this TV can be purchased for around 2,500 yuan, and models 4T-M55Q5EA on JD.com and 4T-M55Q6EA on Tmall are available. This TV can be considered a cost-effective product in the same price range, and if you have a limited budget, choosing this TV is definitely not wrong!

Of course, when buying a TV, we cannot only consider the price but also the configuration, which is what we call “cost-effectiveness”. And we don’t need to worry about the configuration of this Sharp Q Pro series 55-inch TV. According to official information, it is equipped with a 55-inch 4K resolution LCD panel, which has four times the display detail of a 1080P resolution panel and 100% color gamut value. The quality of this screen is very good, and it can display very delicate images while also providing good color reproduction. In addition, with decoding technologies such as HDR 10 and HLG, this TV can also provide high dynamic range rendering images.

Aside from its excellent screen, the Q Pro series 55-inch TV also has noteworthy features. It has 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage space, a built-in quad-core CPU and 20W speakers, supports Bluetooth 5.0 and Dolby decoding. In terms of interfaces, this TV is equipped with three HDMI 2.0 interfaces, capable of inputting 4K 60P images.

Below are the purchase links for this product on JD.com and Tmall, consumers can choose freely according to their usual shopping habits:

JD.com Sharp 4T-M55Q5EA purchase link

Tmall Sharp 4T-M55Q6EA purchase link

Although the JD.com model 4T-M55Q5EA and the Tmall model 4T-M55Q6EA are both very cost-effective models, their screens are still only 55 inches. For many users who want to purchase a larger screen size and have a relatively sufficient budget, PhoneAuto believes that the Sharp 4T-M70H9EA is definitely a very good choice. It is worth noting that although the screen size of the Sharp 4T-M70H9EA is larger, its cost-effectiveness is still excellent.

The excellence of the Sharp 4T-M70H9EA is first reflected in its picture quality. In addition to being equipped with a 70-inch 4K resolution display panel, Sharp has also built in an advanced “Zhenhua” AI picture quality engine for this TV. This technology is not simple, it can intelligently analyze the video source using multiple algorithms, and then recognize and play the image content on its own. After special optimization processing, users can obtain excellent picture quality that surpasses the video itself on the TV. Coupled with the high-quality Japanese original LCD panel of the 4T-M70H9EA itself, the TV’s final picture quality is quite realistic and delicate. In addition, Dolby Vision and various HDR decoding technologies make the screen present lifelike realism, providing an unparalleled immersive experience for movies and TV shows.

Moreover, in terms of size, the 70-inch TV is 60% larger than the 55-inch TV, which not only brings more shocking daily use effects, but also greatly enhances the “decorative” attributes of the TV itself. A 70-inch TV placed in the living room of a home is impressive when entertaining guests. Not to mention that this Sharp 4T-M70H9EA has a front screen ratio of 95.09%, almost all of which is screen, full of technological elements.

Below are the purchase links for this product on JD and Tmall platforms. Consumers can choose freely according to their own shopping habits:

Sharp 4T-M70H9EA JD platform purchase link

Sharp 4T-M70H9EA Tmall platform purchase link

As mentioned earlier, the sales of gaming TV products increased significantly during this year’s 618 period, which is actually related to the promotion of gaming consoles by manufacturers such as Sony and Microsoft. Therefore, many users who have just purchased a game console are preparing to buy a high-quality TV product to match their console, allowing themselves to play various AAA games smoothly. PhoneAuto believes that this Sharp 4T-C86V7EA is a product that cannot be ignored by the majority of gaming console users.

Of course, the most important thing about a TV is its display effect. Let’s first look at the panel of the 4T-C86V7EA. According to official information, this TV is equipped with an 86-inch display screen with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. At the same time, this screen also supports Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HLG, and has good performance in terms of picture clarity, color, and contrast. The most eye-catching feature is that the Sharp 4T-C86V7EA uses full-channel 120Hz technology, with 120Hz MEMC motion compensation and VRR/ALLM adaptive refresh rate, even if the video itself has a low refresh rate, this TV can optimize it to 120Hz for playback. From the display panel to the processing chip, and to the HDMI 2.1 interface, the 4T-C86V7EA supports a 120Hz refresh rate for video.

Why is this TV considered suitable for pairing with gaming consoles? Firstly, the 4T-C86V7EA supports 120Hz MEMC motion compensation, which can effectively improve screen jitter, trailing, and other issues and optimize the smoothness when playing high frame rate games. Secondly, the 4T-C86V7EA is equipped with an HDMI 2.1 interface, which can input 4K 120Hz video, making it perfect for pairing with next-generation high-performance gaming consoles such as XSX and PS5. Thirdly, the 4T-C86V7EA supports VRR/ALLM adaptive refresh rate, which can effectively reduce screen stutter and optimize the gaming experience.

In addition to its outstanding picture quality and intelligence, the Sharp 4T-C86V7EA also performs well in other aspects. This TV has a speaker with a power of 50W, is equipped with an AI intelligent camera for video calls, has a large storage of 3GB+64GB, and supports Bluetooth 5.1 connection.

Below are the purchase links for this product on JD.com and Tmall. Consumers can freely choose according to their usual shopping habits:

Sharp 4T-C86V7EA JD.com purchase link

Sharp 4T-C86V7EA Tmall purchase link

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