Huawei Summer Promotion in progress Buy Huawei MatePad series tablets and receive a stylus pen for free

Buy Huawei MatePad series tablets now and get a free stylus pen during the ongoing Huawei Summer Promotion

【PhoneAuto News】Since Huawei entered the tablet market, it has launched a series of well-received products. Currently, there are four major series: MatePad Pro, MatePad Air, MatePad, and MatePad SE, which satisfy consumer needs in professional creativity, productivity, education, entertainment, and more. Now, with the arrival of summer, Huawei tablets have also ushered in a wave of promotions. With the support of the HarmonyOS ecosystem and smart office and learning solutions, they fully meet the needs of college students in various areas such as classroom learning, exam preparation, drawing and editing, part-time jobs, internships, and employment, making them the all-around companion for contemporary college students.

Firstly, the Huawei MatePad Pro series tablets (Huawei MatePad Pro 12.6-inch and Huawei MatePad Pro 11-inch) have the main differences in terms of price and screen size. The 12.6-inch screen of the Huawei MatePad Pro is large enough to rival a 13-inch laptop, but it is not as heavy and inconvenient to carry around. The whole machine weighs as light as 609g and is as thin as 6.5mm, which allows college students to carry it without burden when participating in offline activities.

Both tablets support a refresh rate of up to 120Hz and are equipped with OLED screens, achieving a screen-to-body ratio of 90%. With 1.07 billion colors, P3 wide color gamut, and Delta E<1 color accuracy, both the smoothness and color display are excellent, providing college students who need professional creativity with an outstanding large-screen tablet experience. The excellent screen quality combined with the second-generation HUAWEI M-Pencil stylus can restore a true handwriting experience. It is an excellent experience for enthusiasts of bullet journals and students majoring in painting. For example, its cross-application color picking feature supports color picking between different applications on the same screen and supports cross-device collaborative color picking, breaking the boundaries between different applications and devices, and achieving a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) effect. In addition, the drawing software "Hua Shi Jie Pro" supports various styles of painting and has various biomimetic brushes that can simulate real hand-drawn effects, as well as supporting custom brushes. With this software, art students can put down their brushes and drawing paper and use only a Huawei MatePad Pro tablet to help them create artwork.

In addition, with the support of HarmonyOS 3, it brings more complex office demands that are comparable to PCs, such as PC-level WPS, Super Terminal, and Parallel Vision. For students who are about to graduate or are currently interning, Huawei tablets can help you create presentations, make tables, etc. Whether it is professional creation or workplace tasks, it can handle them with ease.

Next is the lightweight productivity tablet Huawei MatePad Air, which was released in May this year. It is Huawei’s first tablet that supports a maximum refresh rate of 144Hz. The smooth screen eliminates lag and ghosting when browsing large files. The 3:2 screen productivity ratio can display more content within the field of view, reducing the need for scrolling, making learning and office work more focused.

Another advantage of Huawei MatePad Air is its new PC application engine, which brings PC-level WPS and CAJ Viewer, meeting further complex learning needs. Especially for college students, it is more convenient to use the PC-level CAJ Viewer on Huawei MatePad Air to access professional papers. In addition, it is equipped with Huawei Notepad’s real-time recording and transcription function, making it easier to listen, watch, and transcribe content recorded during meetings or classes. With this function, you no longer have to worry about missing important content.

Huawei MatePad Air is embedded with a large 8300mAh battery in its slim body, and it comes with a standard 40W Huawei Super Fast Charge. Even in high-intensity daily usage scenarios, it can quickly charge during fragmented spare time. For university students who need to intern while attending school, carrying Huawei MatePad Air between the company and school, there is no need to worry about the embarrassment of the tablet running out of battery.

Finally, there is the popular Huawei MatePad 11-inch 2023 edition. It features a beautiful and easy-to-read paper-like screen, and with the support of HarmonyOS 3.1, it becomes a great companion for paperless learning for college students. The paper-like screen adopts anti-glare nano-etching technology, which can transform strong mirror reflections into diffuse reflections, reducing the interference of external light on the mirror display and protecting eye health in the long term. In terms of writing, students can write on the soft screen with the HUAWEI M-Pencil 2nd generation stylus, providing the same writing experience as on traditional paper. Those who often need to take handwritten notes or enjoy journaling will love writing on this tablet.

With the support of HarmonyOS 3.1, the Huawei MatePad 11-inch 2023 edition brings practical software ecosystem such as PC-level WPS, Huawei Notes, and class schedule FA cards. For example, the class schedule FA card can remind students of their course schedules, set alarms, and remind them of the time and location of their weekly/daily classes. It also integrates device collaboration and ecosystem integration, providing functions such as Super Transfer Station, Remote PC, and multi-device mobile communication sharing. From previewing, studying, reviewing to socializing, entertaining, and more, the Huawei MatePad 11-inch 2023 edition offers a professional, convenient, and efficient one-stop learning experience for college students, becoming their campus companion.

Of course, in addition to the aforementioned models, there is also the recently released Huawei MatePad 2023 edition. As a healthy learning partner, it features an eye-care soft screen that effectively reduces screen glare, allowing you to watch online courses for a long time without worrying about eye strain. At the same time, it comes with a rich educational center app and Huawei Notes app, covering all learning scenarios and accompanying students in their learning and growth.

In addition to the mentioned tablets, there is also the Huawei MateBook E Go to choose from. As a mobile office tool, it can change into four different forms to meet various usage needs. By installing the WSA Android subsystem, it can also achieve a dual ecosystem experience on one screen. Paired with the HUAWEI M-Pencil, it brings an interactive two-in-one experience. From July 10th to September 15th, the Huawei education discount is underway! In offline Huawei flagship stores and smart life halls, students can participate in the education discount activities with their college admission notices or student ID cards, while teachers can participate with their teacher work permits. Online, at the Huawei online store, Huawei Tmall flagship store, Huawei JD self-operated official store, completing student identity verification allows participation in the education discount activities: you can purchase the Huawei MatePad Pro 11-inch education discount version, MatePad Pro 12.6-inch education discount version, MatePad Air education discount version, all of which include one Huawei M-Pencil second-generation stylus pen.

In addition, from August 1st to August 31st, during Huawei’s Back-to-School Promotion Season, there is a maximum discount of 400 yuan on Huawei tablets. Moreover, there is a maximum discount of 1200 yuan on the Huawei MateBook E series. Offline purchases also have a chance to receive a Huawei backpack as a gift! There are many discounts and opportunities for additional surprise gifts. Come and buy new equipment for the summer!

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