BYD has caught the attention of Indonesia’s largest taxi operator, securing 80% of the new vehicle orders

BYD secures 80% of new vehicle orders from Indonesia's largest taxi operator

【PhoneAuto News】BYD, which dominates the domestic new energy vehicle market, has also begun to accelerate its expansion into overseas markets. According to PhoneAuto, BYD attaches great importance to the Southeast Asian market, not only selling cars in these countries but also opening factories there. The latest news is that Indonesia’s largest taxi operator “likes” BYD and says that 80% of its new electric vehicle purchases will come from BYD.

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On May 30th, foreign media reported that Indonesia’s largest taxi operator, Blue Bird, will purchase electric vehicles from BYD, which will account for 80% of its new vehicle fleet. Meanwhile, BYD’s rival Tesla is a bit disappointed because Blue Bird believes that low-cost models are more popular and is re-evaluating Tesla’s orders. Blue Bird President Sigit Priawan Djokosoetono said in an interview that most of the 500 electric vehicles to be delivered to Blue Bird this year will be produced by BYD, especially the E6 and T3 models, which are more suitable for the Indonesian market. “If the price is too high, it is unreasonable for us to charge customers more,” he said. “We have used many imported BYD models because their prices support our operations in Indonesia.”

PhoneAuto has learned that the cooperation between BYD and Blue Bird can be traced back a long time. As early as 2019, Blue Bird ordered 200 T3 electric vehicles from BYD, which was the largest all-electric taxi order in Indonesian history at the time. Of these 200 T3 electric vehicles, 150 will stay in Jakarta, and the other 50 will go to Bali. In addition, these electric vehicles have joined BYD’s fleet of 25 E6 all-electric taxis. Years later, Blue Bird is still ordering these electric vehicles from BYD, indicating that their product quality has been highly recognized by the operator.

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