BYD Song L mass production car spy photos exposed, side profile looks stunning, expected to be launched in the fourth quarter

BYD Song L mass production car spy photos show stunning side profile, expected Q4 launch

【Phoneauto News】The BYD Song L was previously showcased at the Shanghai Auto Show as a concept car. However, it is rumored that the production model of this car will be released within the year and is expected to officially launch in the fourth quarter.

Recently, a group of spy photos of the production model of the BYD Song L was leaked online. It can be seen that the new car is undergoing high-temperature extreme testing, and if its reliability passes the test, it is expected to be officially unveiled within the year.

Overall, the design of the production model of the BYD Song L remains faithful to the concept car, but it is less radical and has more refined details. In terms of the front end, the production model of the Song L continues the “Pioneer Dragon Face Aesthetics” design concept of the Dynasty series. The chrome trim at the front should not adopt the concept car’s smoked black design, but instead uses a glossy material, consistent with the Song PLUS DM-i.

The highlight is the side profile, as the production model of the Song L retains the shape of the concept car, with the entire body appearing to be in a forward-leaning posture, which is very pleasing to the eye. In terms of details, the production model does not have the concept car’s streaming media rearview mirrors, but it retains the hidden door handle design. The wheels are in a disguised state, and the design appears to be a low-drag wheel rim. The Song L concept car uses a five-star-shaped tire, but it is unknown whether the production model will adopt it.

As for the rear end, the production model of the Song L has significant differences from the Song PLUS DM-i. It is positioned as a B-segment hunting SUV, and both the side profile and the rear have a more sporty design. From the details, the new car is highly likely to feature continuous LED taillights and an electric tail wing. The top spoiler seems to have a unique design with two separate sections, and the taillights should be an improved version of the “Chinese knot”.

It is understood that the Song L, based on the e-platform 3.0, will be equipped with CTB battery body integration technology, intelligent electric four-wheel drive, cloud carriage system, and other technologies. Its level of intelligence is much higher than that of the Song PLUS DM-i, with an estimated starting price of 200,000 yuan.

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