Morning news BYD Song PLUS champion edition launched, 14-year-old teenager joins SpaceX

BYD Song PLUS Champion Edition launched, 14-year-old joins SpaceX

【PhoneAuto Morning News】On the evening of June 19th, BYD officially held a launch event for its flagship model, the Song PLUS Championship Edition, which had already started pre-sales. The pre-sale price starting at 169,800 yuan made many potential consumers feel that the price was a bit too high. The official price of 159,800 yuan announced at this launch event also reflects BYD’s view of potential consumers and the adjustment of prices. Recently, there have been reports that a 14-year-old genius successfully joined SpaceX’s satellite internet Starlink team as a software engineer after 10 rounds of interviews.

Starting at 159,800 yuan! BYD Song PLUS Championship Edition goes on sale with a big change in the front face

The BYD Song PLUS Championship Edition adopts a brand-new design style, which is similar to another model, the Sea Lion, from the Ocean series of vehicles. This may be a family-style design for the Ocean series of vehicles, and it has a considerable difference from the previous Song PLUS. In addition, the logo on the front face of the vehicle has also been changed from “Song” to “BYD”, which is consistent with the model of the Sea Lion. In addition, the new model has added sky blue and smoke gray new body colors to the entire series, and will also provide 19-inch two-color exclusive aluminum alloy wheels.

14-year-old genius joins SpaceX! IQ exceeds 180 and annual salary reaches one million yuan

A teenager named Kairan Quazi is about to graduate from Santa Clara University in the United States, and his next destination is SpaceX. According to data statistics, SpaceX’s success rate for recruitment is terrifyingly low, only 0.2%, which is even more difficult than entering Harvard University. But the high recruitment difficulty also brings rich returns. The annual salary of a SpaceX software engineer is as high as 140,000 to 216,000 US dollars, which is approximately 1 million to 1.5 million yuan. After obtaining this job, Quazi proudly announced this news on his social media.

It is rumored that Zhang Yong may step down as chairman and CEO of Alibaba Group and focus on the development of Aliyun in the future, but the specific successor is currently unknown.

From 246,800 to 329,800 yuan! Dongfeng Honda’s all-new UR-V officially goes on sale. On the evening of June 18th, Dongfeng Honda held a new car launch conference and officially brought its new model – the all-new UR-V. The new car has two power modes and a total of eight models, priced at 246,800 to 329,800 yuan.

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