Changan Lumin 301km Honey Quin Edition officially launched. The official recommended price is 61,900 yuan.

Changan officially launches the Lumin 301km Honey Quin Edition with an official recommended price of 61,900 yuan.

【PhoneAuto News】On October 18th, Changan Auto officially released the Lumin 301km Honey Dew Edition, with an official guide price of 61,900 yuan. This model is positioned as a pure electric micro car, built on the EPA0 electric platform, and has a small and cute design style.

The most prominent feature of the Changan Lumin 301km Honey Dew Edition is its support for fast charging, with only 35 minutes required to charge from 30% to 80% battery capacity. The new car adopts a closed grille design, with round-shaped headlights, cute wheels, and round tail lights, making the entire vehicle look very simple. The dimensions of the Changan Lumin 301km Honey Dew Edition are 3,270mm in length, 1,700mm in width, 1,545mm in height, with a wheelbase of 1,980mm. The interior of the new car is also very impressive, with three color schemes to choose from. The interior combines retro and modern elements, paired with high-gloss spray painting, displaying a sense of quality. The 10.25-inch central control screen integrates functions such as Bluetooth, navigation, multimedia, reverse image, mobile phone connectivity, and voice control. In terms of power, the Changan Lumin 301km Honey Dew Edition has a maximum power of 35kW and a CLTC operating condition mileage of 301km. The new car is equipped with fast charging function, which only takes 35 minutes to charge from 30% to 80% battery capacity at room temperature. It is also equipped with appointment charging function, which is very convenient. Overall, the Changan Lumin 301km Honey Dew Edition is small and cute in appearance, with excellent fast charging function and rich configurations, making it a good choice for consumers looking for a pure electric micro car.

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