Chery eQ7 officially goes offline, China’s first aluminum-based lightweight platform is released simultaneously

Chery eQ7 officially goes offline, releasing China's first aluminum-based lightweight platform

【Phoneauto News】On July 12th, the “China’s First Aluminum-based Lightweight Platform Launch and Chery eQ7 First Mass-produced Car Offline Ceremony” was held at Chery New Energy Phase II Plant in Wuhu.

Xu Haidong, Deputy Chief Engineer of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Yin Tongyue, Secretary of Chery Holdings Group Party Committee and Chairman, Liu Yang, Executive Deputy General Manager of Chery Holdings Group, Jin Yibo, Deputy Chief Economist of Chery Holdings Group, and other leaders and guests attended the event. There were also representatives from hundreds of dealers, suppliers, and media witnessing this exciting historic moment together.

Jia Shouping, COO of Chery New Energy Product Marketing, said that Chery eQ7, as the “more balanced” hexagonal versatile warrior in the current market, is the first choice for mainstream home-use pure electric vehicles priced at around 150,000 RMB. The unique aviation-grade aluminum body of the same level is lighter, stronger, and more corrosion-resistant, providing users with an unimaginable sense of driving safety and better endurance. The pure electric platform + rear-wheel drive easily conquers steep slopes and has better braking performance. It supports functions such as 8-point massage on the backrest, electric leg rest, BOSS button, creating an exclusive co-pilot seat for queens and providing a comfortable travel experience comparable to a “first-class cabin” nanny car. The L2+ intelligent driving system can provide all-weather assistance in various road conditions, and the 7 major scenarios, 26 modes, and 30+ APP functions make the eQ7 more life-oriented and empower users with more value.

According to phoneauto, the production of the first mass-produced car, Chery eQ7, as the first product of the aluminum-based lightweight platform, also marks the official production of Chery New Energy’s 660,000th car. This signifies that Chery New Energy has entered a new stage of development. At the same time, the birth of the aluminum-based lightweight platform will help Chery accelerate the development of new energy products, enhance product quality and technological leadership, provide users with more abundant choices, and assist Chery in creating a new energy brand with global market competitiveness.

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