Starting from 152,900 yuan! Chery Tiggo 9 officially launched with a standard Kunpeng 20T engine

Chery Tiggo 9 launched at 152,900 yuan with Kunpeng 20T engine

【PhoneAuto News】On the evening of May 30th, Chery Automobile officially announced the official guidance price of its new flagship SUV model, the Tiggo 9. The new car has a total of 5 models, with a price range of 152,900 to 203,900 yuan. The new car is Chery’s first model built on the Mars architecture-super hybrid platform, and the entire series comes standard with a 2.0T Kunpeng power engine, which has good performance.

Chery Tiggo 9

From the appearance point of view, the Tiggo 9 continues the design style of the Tiggo family. The front intake grille adopts a polygonal large mouth design, with a straight waterfall-shaped chrome-plated line and a luminous LOGO decoration inside, which has high recognition. The front headlight group has a sharp and slender shape, equipped with a matrix LED light source and a day running light strip shape inside. Together with the raised multiple muscular lines on the engine hood and the three-stage air intake at the bottom, it is quite imposing when driving.

Chery Tiggo 9

From the side, the new car is similar to Land Rover. The ABCD pillars of the vehicle are all blackened, creating a good floating roof visual impression. The car is also equipped with hidden door handles and 20-inch wheels. The length, width and height of the body are 4820mm/1930mm/1699mm, and the wheelbase is 2820mm. It is positioned as a mid-size SUV.

Chery Tiggo 9

In terms of interior design, the Tiggo 9 adopts a new interior design, with a double 12.3-inch touch screen design for the control screen, which looks similar to Mercedes-Benz. It is equipped with an 8155 car machine chip and its system is smooth. It also comes with an AR-HUD head-up display with a visible area of ​​50 inches, which can display information such as speed and navigation. The vehicle is fully equipped with SONY custom luxury speakers. Some models also provide comfortable configurations such as 50W intelligent wireless charging for mobile phones, 256-color waterfall-style music rhythm atmosphere lights, and zero-gravity queen co-pilot. The new car supports L2.9-level intelligent driving assistance system, with 21 basic ADAS functions and 11 advanced intelligent driving functions.

Chery Tiggo 9 Interior

Chery Tiggo 9 Zero Gravity Queen Co-Pilot

As for power, the new car is equipped with a Kunpeng 2.0TGDI turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 261 horsepower and a peak torque of 400 Nm. The two-wheel drive models adopt a 7DCT dual-clutch transmission, while the four-wheel drive models adopt an Aisin 8AT. Some models are also equipped with CDC magnetic suspension, which can adaptively adjust the electronic damping to adjust the vehicle’s posture in real time and keep the whole vehicle in the best driving and riding state.

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