JD Power Consumer satisfaction with new cars is declining, and the main reason is that they are becoming increasingly ugly

Consumer satisfaction with new cars is declining due to increasing ugliness, according to JD Power

【Phoneauto News】New cars are usually considered better than used cars because manufacturers often adopt the latest technology and design. However, according to the latest research from J.D. Power, this may not be the case for consumers.

U.S. New Car Market

J.D. Power’s latest survey shows that consumer satisfaction with new cars is continuously declining. In J.D. Power’s 28-year Automotive Performance, Execution, and Layout (APEAL) study, this marks the first consecutive year-over-year decline in consumer satisfaction with new cars. Frank Hanley, Senior Director of J.D. Power’s Automotive Benchmark Testing, said, “The consecutive year-over-year declines may seem small, but they might reflect larger issues in the new car market.”

J.D. Power’s survey results

This study included 10 evaluation dimensions, with 9 dimensions receiving lower consumer scores in the past two years. The only area that showed improvement was fuel economy. This is not surprising as most car manufacturers are now able to produce more fuel-efficient engines, which is an issue not affected by personal preferences. The most dissatisfying aspect is the exterior design. The score dropped from 894 to 888, and many surveyed consumers expressed that they did not find today’s new cars as attractive as before. It is worth noting that the survey shows poor performance of brand new models, as their scores are only 3 points higher than older models still in production in recent years.

J.D.Power stated that the survey shows that consumers are also not fond of the current information and entertainment systems in vehicles. Only 56% of the surveyed car owners enjoy using the vehicle’s information and entertainment system to play audio. Less than half of the surveyed car owners enjoy making phone calls, using voice recognition, or navigation on the vehicle’s central control screen. This may be related to the increasingly powerful functions of current smartphones, as many car owners prefer to use their own phones rather than the information system in the car.

In terms of brands, Jaguar ranks highest among luxury brands with a score of 887. Land Rover and Porsche follow closely with 883, followed by BMW with 878. Some of these brands are often criticized for their poor long-term reliability, but this issue does not dissatisfy the surveyed car owners within the first 90 days of purchase. Dodge is the best-performing brand in the mainstream market, followed by Ram, GMC, and MINI.

Latest satisfaction rankings

This survey indicates that ordinary American consumers do not like the current design styles of cars, and they also dislike infotainment systems that are prone to operational bugs. As for whether car manufacturers will introduce vehicles that meet their needs based on consumer preferences, it remains to be seen how the automakers will respond.

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