Does Guangqi Toyota’s advertising slogan imply that Ideal (a Chinese electric car brand) has stolen their market share just to vent their anger?

Does Guangqi Toyota imply that Ideal stole their market share out of anger?

【PhoneAuto News】With the continuous hot market of new energy vehicles in China, many domestic brands have seen a significant increase in sales, and the rise of domestic brands has put pressure on joint venture brands in China, especially Japanese brands. Recently, a picture circulating online shows that Toyota may be referring to Chinese car companies Ideal and NIO in its advertising campaign.

Toyota Highlander

Recently, an advertising slogan released by GAC Toyota Highlander sparked controversy among netizens. In the ad, GAC Toyota wrote, “Time is the harshest judge. Without the test of time, all ideals and futures are just empty words.” This sentence was originally an advertisement for the Highlander, but some netizens believe that GAC Toyota is using it to refer to Ideal and NIO.

Advertising for GAC Toyota Highlander

At first glance, there seems to be nothing wrong with GAC Toyota’s advertising slogan. However, upon closer examination, one can still detect its hidden meaning. First of all, the mention of Ideal and NIO is quite obvious. More importantly, GAC Toyota seems to be implying that Ideal and NIO, as young automakers, have yet to pass the test of time. Additionally, some of Ideal and NIO’s car models, such as the pre-approved Ideal ONE and the current L7, as well as NIO’s new ES6, overlap with Toyota’s Highlander in terms of price and vehicle type.

Ideal L7

On June 10th, at the Hanlanda Brand Day event held by GAC Toyota, GAC Toyota brought the Hanlanda Intelligent Electric Hybrid Elite PLUS version, which includes three different models with a price range of 2.828 million to 2.998 million yuan. Unlike a few years ago when customers had to pay extra to pick up the car, the Hanlanda now offers a limited-time discount of 20,000 yuan during the initial launch. Since July last year, Hanlanda’s sales have been declining. In March of this year, Hanlanda’s sales hit rock bottom, with only 4,170 units sold. In May, Hanlanda’s sales slightly rebounded, but only 5,636 units were sold, which is nearly half compared to its peak sales of over 10,000 units per month. In contrast, in May, Ideal delivered 28,277 new cars, with more than 10,000 Ideal L7s delivered, which is like night and day compared to GAC Toyota’s Hanlanda.

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