Nvidia’s special edition graphics card, A800, may face a ban on sales, causing its price to soar to 110,000 yuan

Due to a potential sales ban, Nvidia's A800 graphics card price may increase to 110,000 yuan

【PhoneAuto News】In the past two years, with the popularity of AI and large model training, relevant companies also need stronger computing power to meet the growing computational demands. In this context, NVIDIA’s professional-grade A100 graphics card has become highly sought after in the market. However, due to special reasons, this graphics card cannot be sold in mainland China. Therefore, last year, NVIDIA provided a new A800 graphics card specifically for the domestic market. This product has been modified in terms of bandwidth to meet export regulations, and is therefore also known as the “special edition”.

Due to the modification in terms of bandwidth, the A800 graphics card has a certain performance gap compared to the A100. It is understood that the A800 graphics card will have three different versions, including a 40GB HBM2 thread version with a PCIe interface, an 80GB HBM2e memory version, and an 80GB HBM2e memory version with SXM interface, to meet the needs of different customers and environments.

In terms of performance, the A800 has a data transfer rate of 400GB per second, lower than the A100’s 600GB per second, and supports a maximum memory bandwidth of 2TB/s. In addition, it has a computing performance of 9.7TFlops FP64 double precision, 19.5TFlops FP32 single precision, a 1.6-2.0TB/s memory bandwidth, support for up to 7 instances per card, support for parallel computing from one card to eight cards, PCIe 4.0 system bus, and a thermal design power consumption of 250-400W (PCIe is dual-slot air-cooled or single-slot liquid-cooled), which is no different from the A100.

However, recent news indicates that this “special edition” graphics card may also face a sales ban. With this news, the price of the A800 has skyrocketed and now stands at 110,000 yuan per unit. Compared to the previous price of 90,000 yuan just one week ago, the price has increased by 20%-30%.

The reason for such an increase may also be related to insufficient production capacity. According to He Ning, Vice President of Xinhua San Group and General Manager of the Operator Business Division, in an interview during the Shanghai MWC exhibition, the supply of high-end servers equipped with NVIDIA chips is still very tight, with a delivery cycle of about 30 weeks.

Since the beginning of this year, various large models such as ChatGPT have been continuously launched, and domestic software related to large models has also emerged. It seems to have a trend of surpassing foreign software. However, with the insufficient production capacity of NVIDIA GPUs and the spread of sales ban news, it may inevitably hinder the speed of progress for some companies and may affect the development prospects of domestic large model software to some extent.

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