Elon Musk referred to Tesla’s FSD 12 Alpha as exciting and will be released soon

Elon Musk is excited about Tesla's FSD 12 Alpha and it will be released soon

【Phoneauto News】Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) system has always been a hot topic in the automotive industry. The company constantly releases new software updates to improve its autonomous driving capabilities. Recently, Tesla CEO Musk revealed on Twitter that he is testing the FSD 12 Alpha version and called it “exciting.”

It is reported that the FSD 12 Alpha version is a reserved version for Tesla’s end-to-end AI system. This system can take image inputs and output steering, braking, and acceleration outputs through an end-to-end AI system. This means that the system no longer relies on traditional high-precision maps and navigation data, but instead completely relies on onboard cameras and neural networks to recognize roads and traffic conditions and make corresponding decisions.

Currently, the FSD 12 Alpha version has not been released to the public. Only Tesla employees and some vehicle owners can participate in the testing. Musk said that this version performs extremely well in testing and can achieve “zero intervention” after driving for a few days at random addresses in Austin. He also stated that this version will be pushed to more testers in the next few weeks and is expected to be available to all FSD subscribers by the end of this year.

The goal of Tesla’s FSD system is to achieve true autonomous driving, allowing owners to confidently hand over control to the vehicle on any road and in any weather conditions. This will greatly improve the safety and convenience of vehicles and make driving more relaxed for people. The Tesla FSD system is currently available in North America, with a subscription fee of $199 per month for AP users (approximately RMB 1425) and $99 for EAP upgrades (approximately RMB 709).

Tesla’s FSD system can be said to be a leader in the field of autonomous driving, and it has received widespread attention and praise from the industry and consumers for its advanced technology and innovative ideas. With the launch of the FSD 12 Alpha version, Tesla will once again demonstrate its strong technical capabilities and ambitious vision, bringing more changes and possibilities to the automotive industry.

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