Huawei Smart Lock Series 618 Limited Time Offer Enhance Home Security and Comfort

Enhance home security and comfort with Huawei Smart Lock Series 618 limited time offer

【PhoneAuto News】What good stuff did everyone buy during this year’s 618 promotion? As a category that has received much attention in recent years, smart locks have become a must-have tech item for many people’s new homes. This year’s 618, Huawei’s smart lock series has also launched promotional discounts, bringing stronger security and comfort to everyone. Today, we will talk about how to choose Huawei’s smart lock series products? And how to choose the one that suits you best.

First is the Huawei Smart Lock Pro, as the flagship product of Huawei’s locks, it has a high level of security and intelligent experience. The Huawei Smart Lock Pro has passed the world’s first CCRC enhanced security certification, the world’s first C-level security certification by the Smart Standardization Committee, and is also the only smart lock in the industry that uses a financial-grade security architecture (the whole machine system CCRC enhanced security certification + Harmony TEE OS software CC EAL5+ security certification + security chip hardware EAL5+ security certification), ensuring its security.

In terms of intelligent experience, the Huawei Smart Lock Pro is equipped with a 3D deep-sensing camera that is the same as Huawei’s flagship phone, which provides accurate and secure face unlocking. At the same time, with the AI chip, it greatly improves the speed and accuracy of face recognition. There are also functions like leaving messages and reminders for children coming home, which can interact well with family members, caring about their dynamics, and also better completing their own work, which is very thoughtful. AI 3D face recognition, as the unique ability of Huawei’s smart lock Pro, is for families who have requirements for face unlocking, and they can choose to directly purchase the Huawei Smart Lock Pro.

Other than the Huawei Smart Lock Pro, the Huawei Smart Lock also has strong security capabilities and intelligent features. It comes with HarmonyOS distributed visual cat eye, which allows us to better understand what’s happening outside the door. When someone rings the doorbell, we can directly see it on our smart screen at home, greatly facilitating daily life. Currently, I do not have a smart lock, so I can only install a separate visual doorbell, which is actually not as convenient as the Huawei Smart Lock. In addition, it is also equipped with dual-engine AI fingerprint unlocking capability, which can improve fingerprint recognition with use. Both the elderly and children at home can quickly unlock the door, without the embarrassment of struggling to recognize their fingerprints. The ecological and scene linkage is also an advantage of the Huawei Smart Lock. The 3.97-inch high-definition internal screen can be linked with mobile phones, smart screens and other devices to view the outside situation in real time. The linkage between different scenes allows you to experience an upgrade in intelligence.

In addition, the Huawei Smart Lock SE cat eye version is also a good choice. It features a 1080P high-definition cat eye with a 150° ultra-wide-angle, supporting AI abnormal capture, night vision mode, smart screen picture-in-picture, remote video intercom and viewing functions, providing you with a sense of security. If you want to try it out, then the Huawei Smart Lock SE is a good choice. It can be unlocked with AI fingerprint recognition, Huawei phones, Huawei watches, etc. It also has HarmonyOS financial-level security capabilities and a 15-hour ultra-long battery life. It balances security and convenience, making it the best choice for entry-level users.

Overall, Huawei’s smart lock series products combine both security and convenience. Whether you are a user who values security or convenience, you can find satisfactory products from them. Among them, the Huawei Smart Lock SE is suitable for users who want to try it out, with a competitive price in the thousand yuan range. The Huawei Smart Lock SE Cat Eye Version brings Huawei’s self-developed cat eye and dual-engine AI fingerprint unlocking, further enhancing convenience. The Huawei Smart Lock is a high-quality choice with features such as smart cat eye, dual-engine AI fingerprint unlocking, and financial-grade security, performing well in the 2000 yuan price range. The Huawei Smart Lock Pro brings AI 3D facial recognition and dual-security certification, bringing ultimate security and convenience, and is an excellent flagship choice. Currently, during the 618 period, the entire series of Huawei smart locks have different levels of discounts. The newly upgraded Huawei Smart Lock for 23 years is directly reduced by 500 yuan when placing an order. The Huawei Smart Lock SE and Huawei Smart Lock SE Cat Eye Version are also directly reduced by 400 yuan when placing an order! Which one do you prefer?

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