Equation Leopard Automobile’s first nationwide sales and service center has been officially established in Huizhou, and new vehicles will be launched within this year

Equation Leopard Automobile has opened its first national sales and service center in Huizhou, with new vehicle launches planned for this year

【Phoneauto News】On July 17th, Fengcheng Leopard Automobile’s first nationwide sales and service center was officially established in Huicheng District, Huizhou. As another new brand under BYD, Fengcheng Leopard Automobile will soon begin domestic deliveries.

The first nationwide sales and service center of Fengcheng Leopard Automobile in Huizhou

The logo of BYD Fengcheng Leopard Automobile was announced on July 14th. According to the official introduction, the logo is derived from the energy that drives the constant awakening and growth in everyone’s heart. It extracts elements and structural inspiration from mathematics, such as star-shaped curves and double-loop functions, outlining the strong, rugged, and futuristic totem of Fengcheng Leopard. The beauty of order in “equation” is merged with the emotional power of “leopard” to construct the sharpness of the powerful “leopard force source”.

Fengcheng Leopard Automobile logo

According to the official, this logo embodies the beauty of the rigorous, precise, and professional order of the equation, as well as the sensual power that is smooth, sharp, and rhythmic like a leopard. Standards and variations, rules and agility are presented here in a perfect manner.

As for the first model under Fengcheng Leopard Automobile, it is named “Leopard 5”. Its appearance is very similar to the BYD U8, and it is a tough off-road SUV, but it is noticeably smaller in size than the U8. As for the interior, the car will be equipped with a full LCD instrument panel, a large-size central control screen, an entertainment screen for the co-driver, transparent mechanical buttons at the bottom, airplane-style shift buttons, one-key start, differential lock, etc.

According to reports, the Leopard 5 will adopt an unibody structure, equipped with a new hybrid platform DMO and the Yun Nian-p intelligent body control system. Its comprehensive driving range is 1200km, with a maximum power exceeding 500 kW, and it is also equipped with three locks. In addition, the expected price range for this vehicle is between 400,000 and 600,000 yuan, with deliveries expected to begin within the year.

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