The European Union and Apple are in court! They demand the payment of $143 billion in taxes

EU and Apple demand payment of $143B in taxes in court

【PhoneAuto News】On May 23, according to reports, the European Union’s antitrust regulatory agency, the European Commission, appealed to Apple to continue to pay the Irish side 13 billion euros (approximately 14.3 billion U.S. dollars) in taxes.

Originally, in August 2016, the European Commission ruled that Apple had illegally evaded 13 billion euros in taxes in Ireland. Apple was dissatisfied with the ruling and filed an appeal. In July 2020, Apple won the case.

Today, the two sides returned to court. Paul-John Loewe, a lawyer for the European Commission, believes that the previous ruling of the European Court of Justice had legal flaws and should be set aside. “The outcome of the case will determine whether member states can continue to give multinational companies significant tax cuts in exchange for employment and investment.”

Apple refuted the European Commission’s claim, stating that it has paid a fair share of taxes in Ireland. Apple’s representative lawyer, Daniel Beard, said: “The profits we mentioned, which the European Commission claimed should belong to Apple’s Irish branch, are actually regulated by the US tax system.” “Apple has set up reserves to pay these taxes in the United States and is currently paying about 20 billion euros in taxes for these profits in the United States. The European Commission believes that these profits should be taxed in Ireland. In fact, Apple has already paid the taxes payable under Irish tax laws.”

Although the European Union and Apple are not in the same category, their conflicts involve various aspects. Recently, the European Union warned Apple that if it restricts the charging speed of third-party accessories, it will ban the sale of Apple phones in the European Union.

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