Faraday Future Appoints New Chief Financial Officer with Experience in Several Well-known Automotive Companies

Faraday Future hires new CFO with background in car industry

【PhoneAuto News】Today (May 15th), according to PhoneAuto, Faraday Future (FF) officially announced the appointment of senior financial executive Edward Darwick as the head of the company’s financial operations, effective immediately. It is understood that this is another key talent joining the company after the Vice President of Production and Manufacturing, Rich Schmidt.

The announcement shows that Edward Darwick will report to Ms. Han Yun, FF’s interim Chief Financial Officer and Chief Accountant. After taking office, Ed will take on important responsibilities in FF’s financial operations and be responsible for guiding the development, implementation, and improvement of the systems and personnel configuration of the entire function and team.

Faraday Future’s global CEO, Chen Xuefeng, said, “The continuous employment of key talents, especially financial leaders like Ed, is crucial to FF’s continued expansion of production capacity, delivery of products in the next phase, cost-effectiveness, and profit targets.” In addition, he also said, “With FF’s strong influence in the global electric vehicle market, Edward Darwick’s global financial experience will be of great benefit to the company.”

According to FF, Edward Darwick is a passionate and strategic-minded corporate financial professional. He has about 20 years of experience in FP&A, product development, and financial control operations. He has worked in joint ventures, startups, and multinational companies (including Ford and NIO) located in the United States, China, and Japan, and has rich work experience. Ed understands the requirements of setting goals from top to bottom and preparing budgets from bottom to top by focusing on accurate data and repeatable forecasting processes.

In addition, Edward Darwick holds an MBA degree from the University of Rochester and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Fairfield University. Before pursuing his MBA, he worked in the luxury retail industry, which helped cultivate his attention and understanding of the importance of creating brand identity, establishing connections with users, and internal cultural consistency.

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