Latest update has arrived! FF will hold the ultimate release event for FF 91 20 on May 31st

FF 91 20 will have its ultimate release event on May 31st, according to the latest update

【PhoneAuto News】Recently, according to PhoneAuto, Faraday Future (referred to as FF) officially announced that the ultimate release of FF 91 & Faraday Future 2.0 will be held on May 31st Beijing Time, and the countdown event has officially begun.

It is reported that during the release event, the official will take us through FF’s journey, share the latest progress of the FF 91 model, showcase a brand new user experience, announce upgrades to the product and technical architecture, AI strategy, ecological products, services and sales, as well as co-creation and sharing platforms, and introduce the delivery plan for the FF 91.

Official poster

In addition, FF announced a brand new “Faraday Mission”, which aims to showcase the company’s many advantages in the user co-creation concept. This mission will bring more innovative experiences and opportunities to FF’s users, including four key components: an open co-creation technology platform, a shared business model, a partnership governance structure, and a win-win product combination. This will be an important strategy for FF and provide new impetus for future growth.

Compared to Ferrari, Maybach, Rolls-Royce and Bentley, the FF 91 Futurist is the only next-generation ultra-intelligent luxury electric vehicle that provides users with ultimate technology and user experience. The FF 91 Futurist has industry-leading 1,050 horsepower, EPA-certified 381-mile range and 2.27-second 0-60 mph acceleration. It provides users with a unique rear intelligent Internet system, designed for a revolutionary user experience, aiming to create a third mobile, interconnected, intelligent, luxurious internet living space and user travel ecosystem.

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