Foreign media amazed Huawei Mate 60 Pro+ has the best macro camera on a mobile phone

International Media in Awe of Huawei Mate 60 Pro+ Boasts the Best Macro Camera in a Mobile Device

【Mobile China News】As the latest flagship from Huawei, the imaging capability of the Huawei Mate60 Pro+ is undoubtedly top-notch, especially its macro lens performance, which has impressed many users. According to Mobile China, foreign media recently published an article praising the Huawei Mate60 Pro+ for having the best macro camera on a smartphone, as its macro lens can capture stunning natural scenes.

Huawei Mate60 Pro+ Huawei Mate60 Pro+

The article cites a video shared by a Chinese blogger, showcasing the macro lens photography of the Huawei Mate60 Pro+. The video starts with a mosquito landing on a person’s skin, and the macro lens can capture the mosquito’s legs, antennae, and the needle-like object it uses to pierce the skin. When the mosquito feeds, the macro lens can even capture the tiniest details of the entire process, such as the mosquito’s saliva and the blood it extracts. Foreign media states that this functionality is simply incredible, as Huawei captures the whole process of mosquito feeding in amazing detail.

Foreign media praises: Huawei Mate60 Pro+ has the best macro camera on a smartphone

Foreign media points out that the macro lens of the Huawei Mate60 Pro+ combines two innovative technologies to achieve impressive photography effects.

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The first technology is a long-stroke slider motor design, which allows the lens to have a maximum focal distance of 3.5 centimeters, much closer than most smartphone cameras. The second technology is a dual-lens focusing architecture. This architecture uses two lens groups, with one group fixed and the other movable. The movable lens group enables a focusing distance of up to 3.5 centimeters, while the fixed lens group provides image stabilization. The combination of these two technologies provides the Mate60 Pro+ macro lens with close focusing capability and unique image quality.

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