Foreign media extreme test Moto Razr 40 Ultra This performance is really impressive

Foreign media tested the Moto Razr 40 Ultra and found its performance to be highly impressive

【Phoneauto News】The moto razr 40 series of two folding screen phones were first released in China, and then appeared in markets such as India, causing quite a stir.

Recently, foreign media JerryRigEverything conducted durability tests on the moto razr 40 Ultra folding screen phone, including scratch, burn, and extreme bending tests.

Foreign media tested Moto Razr 40 Ultra

Starting with the scratch test, the 6.9-inch FHD+ inner screen of the moto razr 40 Ultra showed level 2 scratches early on, with level 3 scratches being more obvious, while the 3.6-inch external display only had level 7 scratches. At the same time, the external screen can withstand a lighter flame for about 20 seconds, but the inner screen can only withstand 6 seconds. This can be fully understood, after all, the external screen of a small folding screen phone needs to face a more complex external environment, so the configuration is higher. In addition, the metal panel, power button, and volume buttons on the side of the device are also prone to scratches, but it does not affect normal use.

After the test, the moto razr 40 Ultra has a dust and water resistance rating of IP52. During the test, foreign media covered the phone’s display screen and hinge with a large amount of dust, but no obvious problems were observed.

In the extreme bending test, the larger display screen of the moto razr 40 Ultra showed great resilience and did not crack at all. In the subsequent tests, the surface of the screen did crack, but the phone continued to function normally after the bending test.

It is understood that the moto razr 40 Ultra is equipped with a 6.9-inch foldable inner screen and a 3.62-inch external screen.

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