Foreigners experience the astonishment of Honor Magic V2 Thinner than a ballpoint pen, it is an engineering feat

Foreigners are amazed by the engineering feat of Honor Magic V2, which is thinner than a ballpoint pen

【PhoneAuto News】On the evening of July 12th, the Honor Magic V2 foldable flagship was officially released. Unlike before, besides domestic tech media like PhoneAuto, many foreign media outlets also got the opportunity to experience the device firsthand. Overall, foreign media outlets have given high praise for the Honor Magic V2, with some media expressing astonishment that this foldable phone is “thinner than a ballpoint pen”.

Honor Magic V2

One foreign media outlet mentioned at the beginning that the Honor Magic V2 is the thinnest (horizontally) foldable phone in the world, but it does not compromise on body strength, battery, and camera.

Honor Magic V2

The foreign media outlet stated that usually, as phones become thinner, it means there is less space available for a large battery, worse heat dissipation performance, worse camera performance, and the overall device becomes more fragile. However, with the birth of the Magic V2, Honor has solved all these problems in one go. It is hard not to be deeply impressed when you see a foldable phone thinner than a ballpoint pen, and the Magic V2 is indeed an “engineering feat”.

Looking at the data, the thickness of the Honor Magic V2 when folded is only 9.9 millimeters, which is thinner than some regular flat-screen phones. Not only that, the weight control of the Magic V2 is also excellent, with the vegan leather version being lighter than the 240g flat-screen flagship iPhone 14 Pro Max. Foreign media outlets also added that considering the 5000mAh battery, dual 120Hz LTPO OLED screens, and the excellent camera inherited from the Magic 5 Pro, the Magic V2 should make you take notice.

It is reported that foreign media also conducted some simple bending tests, and the results found that the structure of Honor Magic V2 is sturdy enough and the hinge is well maintained.

Finally, the foreign media summed it up: From my brief experience with Honor Magic V2 until now, its heat control, battery life, charging speed, overall design, slimness, and understated yet beautiful appearance have left a deep impression on me.

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