Enjoy a cash discount of 24,000 RMB on the MG MULAN Limited-time promotion, starting from a minimum price of 115,800 RMB

Get a 24,000 RMB cash discount on the MG MULAN Limited-time promotion, starting from 115,800 RMB

【Phoneauto News】With the arrival of the second half of the year, the previously heated car price war in the first half of the year seems to be starting again. Following Volkswagen and General Motors, SAIC’s MG brand has also joined the battle. On the morning of July 12, MG, a brand under SAIC, announced on its official Weibo account that its electric model, MG MULAN, is launching a limited-time purchase discount policy, with prices starting as low as 115,800 yuan.

According to the poster released by MG, from July 1st to 31st, 2023, customers who purchase MG MULAN can enjoy a cash discount of 24,000 yuan, with a limited-time price starting from 115,800 yuan. In addition, customers will also receive a package worth 10,000 yuan, including a lifetime warranty for three electric components valued at 8,999 yuan, interest-free financial benefits worth 4,999 yuan, and considerate installation gifts worth 3,999 yuan.

As a heavyweight product launched by MG for the global market, MG MULAN is jointly designed by SAIC’s international team. Its appearance adopts a dynamic design aesthetic, with a very sharp front face, dynamic technology matrix headlights, and a parameterized design of carbon fiber athletic front lip, showcasing a sense of technological quality. The vehicle looks full from the side, and it also features a floating roof design, creating a crossover car look and a sense of “power” ready to be unleashed. The tail lights adopt a through-type design, extending to both sides of the vehicle, providing a wider visual experience. The vehicle is also equipped with segmented diffusers, adding a sporty touch.

In terms of interior, the vehicle adopts a 7-inch LCD instrument panel + 10.25-inch floating center control design. The overall interior layout looks very simple. The vehicle is equipped with the Zebra system, which supports multiple control modes. In addition, the vehicle is also equipped with a flat-bottomed dual-spoke steering wheel, and the function buttons on both sides support custom settings, which can bring a better driving experience.

In terms of power, the MG MULAN is based on SAIC Xingyun pure electric exclusive system platform and offers two layouts: rear single motor and front and rear dual motor. The single motor version has a maximum power of 125kW, 150kW, and a peak torque of 250N.m. The dual motor version has a maximum power of 315kW and a maximum torque of 600N·m. It only takes 3.8 seconds for the MG MULAN to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h. The MG MULAN offers battery packs with different capacities of 51kWh and 64kWh to choose from. The maximum range of the two-wheel drive CLTC model is 425km and 520km respectively, and the maximum range of the four-wheel drive CLTC model is 460km.

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