Great Wall Motors sold 109,000 new vehicles in July, with overseas sales hitting a new record high of 27,000

Great Wall Motors sold 109,000 new vehicles in July, with 27,000 being sold overseas – a new record high

【Phoneauto News】On the afternoon of August 4th, Great Wall Motors announced the sales data for July on its official Weibo account. The company sold a total of 109,091 vehicles in July, a year-on-year increase of 7.03%. The cumulative sales from January to July reached 628,317 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 1.26%.

According to the poster released by the company, Great Wall Motors sold 109,091 new vehicles in July 2023, with sales of new energy vehicles reaching 28,920, a year-on-year increase of 163.1%, accounting for a breakthrough of 26.51%. From January to July 2023, the company sold a total of 628,317 new vehicles, including 150,937 new vehicles sold overseas, a year-on-year increase of 94.7%.

In terms of brands, Haval brand sold 62,967 vehicles in July, with a cumulative sales of 355,611 vehicles from January to July. The Haval B26 is officially named Haval Menglion, aiming to popularize new energy off-road SUVs. The new Haval H5 is making a strong comeback, leading the SUV market into the era of all-purpose vehicles. The 2024 version of Haval Big Dog is launched, bringing users a hardcore and trendy off-road experience.

WEY brand sold 6,652 vehicles in July, including 5,566 units of Lanshan DHT-PHEV. Since its launch, Lanshan has accumulated a total of 17,258 units sold, becoming the top choice for six-seater SUVs in the 300,000 yuan price range, sharing great moments with 17,258 families. Another MPV model, Gaoshan, had its interior exposed for the first time, expected to become the first-class cabin for the whole family’s travel.

Ora brand sold 10,116 vehicles in July, with a total sales of 57,414 vehicles from January to July. Ora Lightning Cat achieved the first place in the health and safety index evaluation, winning the five-star certification of China Automotive Health Index. Ora Good Cat performed excellently in the 2023 Car Understanding Emperor Summer Test, once again confirming the unquestionable high quality of the Ora brand.

Tank brand sold 13,490 vehicles in July and 71,817 vehicles from January to July. The total cumulative order volume of Tank 500 Hi4-T has exceeded 8,000 vehicles. With the support of the off-road super hybrid architecture Hi4-T, it brings strong power, multi-scenario, and extremely reliable benchmark-level driving experience, opening a new era of off-road vehicles.

Great Wall Pickup sold 15,841 vehicles in July and 118,437 vehicles from January to July. Great Wall Pickup has accumulated sales of 27,119 units overseas, maintaining the leading position of Chinese brand export sales. Great Wall Cannon has had sales of over 10,000 units for 35 consecutive months, leading the sales of pickup trucks. The custom version of Great Wall Cannon has been officially launched, creating a new driving experience for plateau conquerors.

Great Wall Motors has broken the 20,000 units mark in overseas sales for 5 consecutive months, continuously launching new products overseas, and constantly consolidating the foundation of the overseas market. Among them, ORA Cat was listed in Brazil, driving the electrification transformation of the Brazilian automotive market. Tank 500 was listed in Bahrain and received continuous praise locally. Tank 500 was listed in Kazakhstan, continuously exploring the Eurasian regional market.

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