Guangqi Aion sold 45,025 vehicles in July, a year-on-year increase of 80% Cumulatively, they have sold 250,000 vehicles this year

Guangqi Aion sold 45,025 vehicles in July, an 80% YoY increase Cumulative sales for this year reached 250,000 vehicles

【phoneauto News】On August 1st, phoneauto learned that GAC Aion announced its delivery data for July. The data shows that the sales volume in July was 45,025 units, an increase of 80% compared to the previous year. It slightly increased compared to the performance in May and June, once again setting a new record for monthly sales.

GAC Aion

Specifically, GAC Aion sold 8,206 units in January, 30,086 units in February, 40,016 units in March, 41,012 units in April, 45,003 units in May, and 45,013 units in June. The cumulative sales volume from January to July was 254,361 units, an increase of 103% compared to the previous year.

It is worth noting that the sales volume of Haobo GT in July was 2,011 units. According to official news from GAC Aion, Haobo GT, the first mass-produced model of its high-end new energy brand Haobo, was officially launched on July 3. Half a month after its launch, the number of orders for Haobo GT has exceeded 20,000 units.

GAC Aion July sales

It is reported that Haobo GT has launched 5 different configurations, with an official guide price range of 219,900 to 3,399,000 yuan. As the first mass-produced model of the pure electric exclusive platform AEP3.0 and the Xingling electronic and electrical architecture, some models of this car are equipped with rare features of the same level, such as the rotating door and electric tail wing, with a maximum range of 710 km. With the launch of Haobo GT, Aion has officially entered the era of dual brands.

In terms of channels, Haobo completed the construction of 100 channel touchpoints in June, including experience centers and supermarket display centers, and it is expected that Haobo’s exclusive channels will reach 160 to 180 by the end of July. Haobo also plans to build over 2,000 supercharging and swapping stations by 2025.

Previously, Gu Huinan, General Manager of GAC Aion, said that Aion has two brands: AION and Haobo. AION will continue to use the G logo, while Haobo will use the Cupid’s Arrow logo. The products of both brands will be sold separately, creating a new sales channel.

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