Guangzhou Automobile Toyota’s response to layoffs Normal adjustment, the other party is dispatched employees

Guangzhou Automobile Toyota's response to layoffs normal adjustment, dispatched employees from the other party

【Phoneauto News】On July 25th, Phoneauto noticed that in response to the recent online rumors about Guangzhou Automobile Toyota’s layoffs, the official has issued a response stating that this is a normal phase of adjustment for Guangzhou Automobile Toyota, targeting some dispatched employees and not involving regular employees. Considering the changes in the market situation, Guangzhou Automobile Toyota has made a careful decision to suspend some dispatches in accordance with the agreement with the dispatch company.

Previously, Phoneauto noticed that according to Reuters’ report, Guangzhou Automobile Toyota has terminated the employment contracts of about 1,000 dispatched employees ahead of schedule due to recent production conditions. Guangzhou Automobile Toyota will provide compensation in accordance with the law and carefully explain the specific situation to the laid-off employees. Currently, Guangzhou Mitsubishi’s car factory can produce one million cars per year, involving models such as Camry and Corolla. As for the employees, Guangzhou Mitsubishi has nearly 20,000 employees, and the number will decrease after the layoffs.

It is worth mentioning that besides Guangzhou Automobile Toyota, not long ago, Guangzhou Mitsubishi also issued an internal notice stating that due to production and operation conditions, as well as the development of new energy, Guangzhou Mitsubishi has also suspended production, laid off employees, and transformed. Guangzhou Mitsubishi has stated that the company has officially announced employee placement plans, with the human resources department taking the lead and coordinating with various departments to address employee demands and promote the implementation of placement plans.

It is worth mentioning that perhaps due to the rapid development of new energy vehicles and the rapid rise of Chinese domestic automobile brands, the sales of Japanese car companies in China are rapidly declining, and companies such as Toyota, Honda, and Nissan have been significantly affected. Moreover, in the first quarter of 2023, China officially surpassed Japan in terms of automobile exports and became the world’s number one automobile exporting country.

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