Guo Mingqi Room-temperature superconductivity could rival quantum computers like the iPhone

'Guo Mingqi Room-temperature superconductivity may rival quantum computers like the iPhone'

【Phoneauto News】On August 2nd, Guo Mingxi, a well-known analyst at TF International Securities, stated on social media that there is currently no timetable for the commercialization of room-temperature superconductors. However, in the future, it will have a disruptive impact on product design in the consumer electronics field, to the extent that even the iPhone could possess computational power comparable to quantum computers.

He mentioned that the characteristics of superconductivity (zero resistance) will overturn existing product designs, as well as the adoption of materials and technologies. For example, there will no longer be a need for cooling systems, and optical fibers/high-order CCL (copper-clad laminate) will be replaced, and advanced manufacturing processes will be more accessible. This means that even small mobile devices like the iPhone can have computational power comparable to quantum computers.

However, unfortunately, it is still quite distant for the iPhone to achieve all of this. Although multiple scientific teams worldwide have ambitious plans to find room-temperature superconducting materials and prove their scientific validity through experiments, no team has been able to do so thus far. Recently, a research team from South Korea published a paper claiming to have achieved room-temperature superconductivity. However, one of the team members, Lee Seok-bae, stated in an interview that they were not ready to publish the paper, and there were flaws in the paper. Additionally, a team member had published the paper without authorization, and the team has requested the paper to be taken down.

According to reports, the team recently published a paper claiming to have discovered the world’s first room-temperature superconductor, “LK-99,” which can reach the superconducting critical point at 127℃ under normal pressure. In China, a team from the School of Materials Science at Huazhong University of Science and Technology recently posted an experimental video on Bilibili. They have synthesized a magnetically levitating LK-99 crystal. However, they stated that they have only verified the Meissner effect, and it does not mean that the experiment has been successful. As of now, no team in the world has been able to reproduce this experiment, so there are doubts about the discovery by the South Korean team.

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