Honor Magic V2 series released A flat-panel phone among foldable devices starting at 8999 yuan

Honor has released the Magic V2 series, a foldable device with a starting price of 8999 yuan

【phoneauto News】On the evening of July 12th, the Honor Magic V2 and Full-Scene New Product Launch Event was held, and the Magic V2 foldable flagship officially met with consumers. In terms of price, the device offers two models: the Magic V2 standard version and the Magic V2 Ultimate version, with options of 16GB+256GB and 16GB+512GB, priced at 8999 yuan and 9999 yuan respectively; the Ultimate version is priced at 11999 yuan. The new device will be first sold on July 20th.

The Honor Magic V2 series brings eight major advancements: it is currently the thinnest foldable flagship in the world and the world’s first to adopt a titanium alloy hinge. Both screens support zero-risk dimming eye protection, equipped with Qinghai Lake batteries, the second-generation Snapdragon 8 leading edition and self-developed RF enhancement chip. It also supports foldable flagship features such as intelligent privacy calls and parallel space functionality.

Specifically, the Magic V2 series has a closed thickness of only 9.9mm and weighs as light as 231g, which is already close to the weight of a regular flagship phone. The body adopts Honor’s self-developed Lu Ban titanium gold hinge and self-developed shielded steel, making it not only thinner and lighter, but also stronger. As for the display, the new device has a 6.43-inch OLED outer screen with a 20:9 aspect ratio, very close to traditional flat-screen phones; when unfolded, it has a 7.92-inch OLED inner screen. Both screens support 1.07 billion colors, 3840Hz ultra-high frequency PWM dimming, peak brightness of 2500nit, super dynamic brilliant display, and 100% DCI-P3 wide color gamut, offering even more outstanding visual performance.

In terms of performance, the Magic V2 series is equipped with Qualcomm’s second-generation Snapdragon 8 leading version mobile platform, supporting Honor’s self-developed OS Turbo X and GPU Turbo X system optimization technologies. It is also the first smartphone to be certified by SGS for 50 months of smooth performance, providing a long-lasting smooth experience. Moreover, the Magic V2 series is also the world’s first foldable flagship phone equipped with a self-developed radio frequency enhancement chip, which ensures smooth payment, charging, and QR code scanning in weak signal areas such as office buildings and underground parking lots. It also guarantees smooth video streaming and live streaming in subway and high-speed rail scenarios.

In terms of battery life, the Magic V2 series is equipped with a 5000mAh battery from Qinghai Lake, which can provide 14.06 hours of large screen video playback, 23.99 hours of large screen reading, and 13.77 hours of large screen navigation.

For imaging, the Magic V2 series is equipped with a full-focus three-camera system, including a 50 million pixel wide-angle camera, a 20 million pixel telephoto camera, and a 50 million pixel ultra-wide-angle camera. With the new Eagle Eye all-weather capture and optimized portrait, night scene, and other shooting algorithms, the foldable screen can also provide a high-quality photography experience.

In addition, the Magic V2 series has a built-in foldable screen exclusive independent security storage chip and dual-TEE OS security system, supporting Smart Privacy Call 2.0. Especially with the Parallel Space function, the data of the Magic V2 series is protected by double locks and one core, preventing malicious intrusion and violent cracking.

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