The Honor Magic 5 series won the Android 4K+ sales crown and achieved a 51% year-on-year growth in sales revenue across all platforms

Honor Magic 5 series achieved 4K+ sales crown and a 51% YoY growth in sales revenue

[PhoneAuto News] On June 1st, the first wave of the Honor 618 battle report was released. The report shows that from 8:00 pm on May 31st to 0:00 on June 1st, Honor fully opened fire in the first four hours of the 618 event, achieving great success: Honor’s products priced above 4,000 yuan had a year-on-year growth of 211% in sales across all platforms, while products priced between 2,500 and 4,000 yuan had a year-on-year growth of 51% in sales across all platforms, with overall performance being quite impressive. After undergoing proactive adjustments in the first quarter of this year, Honor’s successful opening in the 618 event confirms what Honor CEO Zhao Ming previously said: Honor is in a good overall state of recovery.

Looking at the performance of multiple product categories, during the first four hours of the 618 event, Honor’s mobile phone products achieved a comprehensive breakthrough. The folding flagship Honor Magic Vs won the folding screen single product sales champion on both and Tmall, the Honor Magic 5 series won the single product sales champion of Android phones priced above 4,000 yuan on, and the Honor Magic 5 Pro won the single product sales champion of Android phones priced between 5,000 and 6,000 yuan on Tmall. The newly released Honor 90 series, which integrates a zero-risk dimming eye protection screen, a 200 million pixel camera, and a high-density ultra-large capacity battery, lived up to its status as the king of its price range, becoming the preferred choice for many consumers for quality purchases, and winning the new product sales champion on, Tmall, Douyin, and Kuaishou platforms during the 618 event.

Beyond mobile phone products, Honor’s all-scenario products also achieved success in the first battle. The Honor MagicBook X 16 Pro won the double champion of single product sales and sales revenue for 16-inch laptops on; the Honor MagicBook 14 2022 Ryzen Edition won the double champion of single product sales and sales revenue for products priced between 3,000 and 4,000 yuan on Tmall; the Honor Tablet 8 won the single product sales champion for products priced between 1,000 and 1,500 yuan on and Tmall; and the Honor Watch GS 3i won the single product sales champion for products priced at 500 yuan on, becoming explosive single products in their respective categories.

The CEO of Honor, Zhao Ming, said at the recent Honor 90 series new product launch that the Honor team is fully prepared for this year’s 618, both in terms of stocking and welfare policies, and believes that it will achieve very good results.

And that is exactly what happened. As a former online champion, Honor has had outstanding performances in each year’s 618. After the adjustment in the first quarter of this year, Honor has shown a brand new image, with a more proactive attacking posture to meet the 618 challenge. Not only are there plenty of welfare benefits, but also explosive products. With leading technology, outstanding quality, and excellent performance of products and experiences, Honor won multiple platform, category, and price segment championships in just four hours from 8 pm on May 31st to 0:00 on June 1st, with the flagship, mid-to-high-end mobile phones and smart full-scene products working together.

The high-quality growth behind this is Honor’s long-term investment in heavy asset research and development and forward-looking technology, including the ultra-thin and long-lasting battery life of the foldable flagship Honor Magic Vs, the Qinghai Lake battery and self-developed RF enhancement chip released with the Magic5 series, and the zero-risk dimming eye protection screen of the latest Honor 90 series, which are all technological breakthroughs and experience innovations brought about by Honor’s long-term technological strategy.

Sticking to technological innovation and product quality, and always pursuing the ultimate user experience, Honor has gained momentum through thick and thin. This is also the key reason for Honor’s frequent good news and red-hot start in this year’s 618. Zhao Ming said that in the future, Honor will continue to invest firmly in research and development and product systems, define the brand with products, and give back to consumers with more ultimate innovative experiences.

Currently, the Honor 618 event is in full swing with various platforms offering sincere and exciting benefits: Honor Mall and major authorized e-commerce platforms are specially launching a points expansion, on-the-hour purchase of Honor phones, live broadcast of tens of thousands of yuan in red envelopes, and up to 24 interest-free periods, among other super benefits. For existing users, Honor 618 also supports the old-for-new activity, with up to 2,023 yuan in subsidies.

In addition, the newly released digital series product, the Honor 90 series, comes with 24 interest-free periods and complimentary gifts upon purchase, with multiple benefits waiting for you to unlock. There are also surprise subsidies for popular flagship products such as the Honor Magic5 series, Honor X40 GT, and Honor 80 GT, with limited-time discounts starting from 300 yuan. The entire range of devices, such as the Honor MagicBook 14 series and Honor Tablet V8 Pro, are also available at explosive prices for a limited time.

It can be said that this Honor 618 promotion aims to respond to consumers’ trust and recognition of Honor’s quality with a full product matrix and sincere activities, to meet their needs comprehensively, and allow every consumer to experience the ultimate innovation and technology brought by Honor’s comprehensive outbreak.

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