Honor Magic V2 Review Achieving Extreme Thinness, Transforming a Phone from One to Many

'Honor Magic V2 Review Extreme Thinness, Transforming Phone into Many'

【PhoneAuto Review】If everyone was competing to be the pioneer of foldable screens in 2019, then by 2023, with the continuous deepening of technological exploration, the ideal form of foldable screens that is “extremely thin and light” begins to gradually become a reality. In the first half of the year, Huawei’s Mate X3, with its lighter weight than the iPhone 14 Pro Max and a thin body in the large fold, successfully attracted attention from the industry and consumers. Making a foldable screen thinner and lighter than a flat-screen phone involves various aspects such as industrial design and material science, which puts a great challenge on manufacturers’ research and development capabilities.

That’s right, it can be considered as the trump card for manufacturers to turn the tide. In the second half of the year, Honor took the lead in bringing the foldable flagship Magic V2, intensifying the competition in the foldable screen market with its extremely thin and light appearance, and also achieving great success since its separation. Perhaps this is also where Honor’s confidence in changing the dominance of Apple in the high-end market lies.

Since entering the foldable screen market, Honor has been shaping the concept of “all-in-one” and striving to make foldable screens the mainstream choice for consumers. Of course, the evolution of technology has always been driving the evolution of the “all-in-one” concept. On Magic V2, I found a more appropriate answer, or the ideal state of foldable screens at present.

Why do people have concerns about buying foldable screens? On the one hand, it is because of the price, and on the other hand, it is because of the heaviness. The weight of nearly 300g and a thickness of 11mm bring great pressure to users in their daily use. Holding it for a long time feels too heavy, and putting it in the pocket feels burdensome. It is easy to become a “productive before purchase, iQiyi after purchase” type of phone. When I first saw Magic V2, I found it very incredible.

The Honor Magic V2 in black uses a suede material. After folding, it has a thickness of only 9.9mm, and when unfolded, it has a thickness of 4.7mm. It weighs 231g (30g lighter than the Magic V). Holding it in your hand, the thickness and weight are indeed impressive. Only after seeing the actual Magic V2 can one truly understand why Zhao Ming said it breaks the boundaries of flat-screen and foldable phones, because when closed, it is almost the thickness and weight of a flat-screen phone. This feeling not only gives to the user but also to the people around them.

Why can Honor make the Magic V2 so slim? It uses the thinnest components such as a large screen, PU material, hinges, cooling system, antennas, Type-C interface, fingerprint recognition, speakers, and more. When each component is pushed to the extreme, the Magic V2 is born. Take the hinge, for example, the Magic V2 is equipped with a self-developed Luban titanium hinge. It compresses the internal space of the hinge from the overall structure and the mortise and tenon integrated molding technology reduces the number of keel parts by 70%, with the smallest part being less than 1 cubic millimeter. Moreover, with such a thin hinge, Honor has also added a multi-angle hover function, which allows for hovering viewing, hovering meetings, and hovering shooting, etc.

While pursuing lightness and slimness, higher strength is also required. Honor has incorporated titanium material into the hinge shaft cover of the Magic V2 and applied it to the relatively fragile central axis. The main part of the hinge is made of the brand-new Honor self-developed shielded steel (thinner than ordinary steel by 25% and 20% stronger), which allows the Magic V2 to achieve a folding lifespan of over 400,000 times and obtain the SGS High Reliability Folding Quality Gold Standard certification from the global authoritative organization SGS.

Before the launch event, I had the chance to visit the Honor Pingshan Smart Factory and saw the real Magic V2. At that time, I saw its battery, which can be described as a “card battery” with a thickness of 2.72mm. It is almost the thickness of two ID cards put together, and there is even a feeling that it might break when lightly folded. This thin battery is the new generation Qinghai Lake battery from Honor, with a capacity of 5000mAh. It ensures the slimness of the Magic V2 while achieving long battery life. This is the result of Honor’s continuous research and development on the Qinghai Lake battery. Unfortunately, the Magic V2 does not support wireless charging, but I believe it will be the driving force for continuous innovation in the direction of slimness for the next generation products.

Some people may be worried about whether the side fingerprint of the Magic V2 can still be used effectively since it is so thin. I have also tested it. Compared to the Magic Vs, the side fingerprint of V2 is indeed narrower, only slightly wider than the side buttons of ordinary phones. However, both the process of fingerprint enrollment and the speed and accuracy of unlocking are nothing to worry about (fingerprint enrollment has become a left and right swipe, which can be completed in a few tries). It is worth mentioning that within such a slim body, Honor has also implemented intelligent privacy calling function, which can effectively protect the privacy of calls. This is undoubtedly a very valuable feature for business people.

In recent years, Honor’s efforts in the screen department have been demonstrated in the Magic V2, and the overall screen quality has reached the top level in the field of folding screens. The external screen size of the Honor Magic V2 is 6.43 inches with a resolution of 2376×1060 and a ratio of 20:9. The internal screen size is 7.92 inches with a resolution of 2344×2156 and a ratio of 9.8:9. Both the external and internal screens support 1.07 billion colors and 100% DCI-P3 wide color gamut, with excellent color reproduction capability.

In addition, Magic V2 is the world’s first folding flagship with both internal and external screens supporting 120Hz LTPO (currently, the industry mostly uses LPTO+LTPS, and very few achieve a refresh rate of 120Hz at the same time), achieving better power consumption performance. At the same time, it is also the first phone with both internal and external screens supporting 3840Hz ultra-high frequency PWM dimming, achieving risk-free dimming. With Honor’s natural light eye protection and sleep aid display functions, it can be said to have achieved the ultimate eye protection, especially when used in low-light environments, reducing eye fatigue. With such a highly consistent configuration of internal and external screens, when we switch between the internal and external screens in daily use of Magic V2, the experience is more consistent.

In addition, the entire range of Honor Magic V2 is equipped with the second generation of nano-crystalline glass, achieving 10 times the anti-drop capability. Compared with Huawei’s Kunpeng glass and Corning’s Victus2 on the market, it can achieve a higher anti-drop height. In fact, for foldable screen phones, the impression given to users is often that they are very fragile, and many people ridicule them as buying a “daddy” to support them. Enhancing the strength of the body will greatly improve the daily user experience.

For foldable screen products, Honor has always advocated the use of a stylus. This time, Magic V2 supports the use of a stylus on both the internal and external screens (the ultimate version comes with a stylus), allowing users to draw, write, and edit work better on their phones. For example, with the Smart Lasso feature, users can use the stylus to select any content on any interface of Magic V2, perform text recognition or lasso operations directly, and drag and drop to use, which can greatly improve the efficiency of many office scenarios.

For example, the Honor Magic V2 stylus supports magnifying any area of the screen, which helps us better understand the content in certain scenarios. It is very helpful for viewing images or reading articles.

The Honor Magic V2 is equipped with the second-generation Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 leading version processor. This is something I had not thought of before. Compared to the regular X3 processor, the leading version has a frequency that has been increased from 3.19GHz to 3.36GHz, further enhancing performance. The previous machine to use the second-generation Snapdragon 8 leading version was the Red Magic 8S Pro gaming phone, which is a testament to its strong performance. With the release of the Magic V2, it can be said that it is currently the most powerful folding screen phone.

In addition, the Honor Magic V2 also supports two system optimization technologies developed by Honor: OS Turbo X and GPU Turbo X. GPU Turbo X supports AI game preloading and super scheduling, which intelligently identifies user gaming habits and achieves application preloading. It dynamically identifies high-load scenes in games to achieve higher frame rates, lower jitter, and lower temperatures. OS Turbo X efficiently and accurately schedules system resource supply to ensure a long-lasting and smooth experience.

I also tested the gaming performance of the Honor Magic V2 for everyone. The average frame rate of “King of Glory” is 120fps, and the average frame rate of “Peace Elite” is 89.3fps. Overall, it performs well. The almost identical screen ratio to flat-screen phones also makes it easier for users to accept. Of course, I personally think that strategy games are more suitable for playing on the folding screen, such as “Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition,” which provides a better field of view on the internal screen. To solve the heat dissipation problem, the Magic V2 is equipped with the Honor Cicada Wing Bionic Heat Dissipation System, which increases the total heat dissipation area by 12.5% compared to the Magic Vs, allowing the entire device to achieve fast heat dissipation while outputting high energy.

Honor’s self-developed RF enhancement chip C1 is also equipped on Magic V2, achieving signal optimization for weak signal core scenarios such as underground parking lots, elevators, subways, high-speed trains, etc. With the C1 chip, the signal performance of Magic V2 will be better. Moreover, Magic V2 is also the industry’s first independent Bluetooth/Wi-Fi antenna architecture, solving the problem of Wi-Fi/Bluetooth interference, improving the smoothness of using Bluetooth headphones to listen to high-definition music and play games in a Wi-Fi environment, and reducing the occurrence of lagging issues.

On the software side, Honor Magic V2 brings more diverse split-screen gameplay, including top-bottom split screen, left-right split screen, floating window, mini floating window, side quick launch bar, and other split-screen and suspended application methods, allowing users to fully utilize the advantages of foldable screen phones in different scenarios.

For example, in leisure and entertainment, when we play games, we often like to watch videos. At this time, we can use the top-bottom split screen to play “Honor of Kings” at the bottom and watch favorite videos at the top, bringing joy without saying much.

Regarding the hover function, Honor Magic V2 has also undergone multiple adaptations in software, including intelligent recognition, automatic adaptation, and operation optimization of functions and interfaces. For example, in the camera scene, when folding the phone vertically and holding it horizontally, it automatically enters the horizontal hover state, with the upper half of the screen displaying the shooting preview, and the lower half of the screen allowing switching operations. Of course, this also makes it easier for us to take photos, as if it comes with a tripod.

Regarding the camera interface, Honor Magic V2 has made another optimization. In the expanded state, because the real-time preview interface is large, some people may not like it. Therefore, Honor has created a small window preview interface, which allows you to see the photos just taken without switching pages. This allows for better control of image quality and can be said to be the finishing touch for foldable screen photography.

1X sample

2.5X sample

2.5X sample

Also worth mentioning, the imaging configuration of Honor Magic V2 consists of a 50-megapixel main camera, a 50-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera, and a 20-megapixel telephoto camera. It can meet daily shooting needs and is a good configuration for a foldable screen.

In addition, Honor Magic V2 is equipped with the new Honor Document function, which allows for light office work. Word, Excel, and PPT can be used, and it also provides comprehensive format compatibility and conversion functions. PDF to Word and Excel conversion is free and easy, making it a boon for office workers. For more features of Honor Document, I will show you in Honor MagicPad.

From the birth of the first foldable screen phone to the arrival of Honor Magic V2 with an extremely slim and lightweight design, the era of foldable screens is quietly approaching. For the general public, a foldable screen may not be essential. However, when a foldable screen can replace flat-screen phones in terms of slimness, price, and daily user experience, then it becomes a phone suitable for everyone. This is exactly what Honor has been pursuing – a phone that covers all bases. To achieve success in the foldable screen market, there may be countless mountains to climb and numerous obstacles to overcome. However, when Honor is determined to break through, these obstacles will eventually be overcome. Magic V2 is an answer full of surprises.

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