Honour X50 full version appearance exposed, netizens texture crushes other thousand yuan phones

'Honor X50 full version appearance exposed, netizens praise its high-quality texture surpassing other phones in the same price range'

【PhoneAuto News】Honor X50 is scheduled to be released on July 5th at 19:30. On June 29th, the full version of Honor X50’s appearance design was unveiled. The pictures show that Honor X50 has at least three color options: blue, orange, and gradient color. It features a curved screen, a large circular camera module, and a slim body design, giving it a good texture. Some netizens commented, “The appearance crushes other thousand-yuan phones.”

Honor X50

As for the specifications, according to a blogger’s leak, the core selling points of Honor X50 are a 2652×1200P 1.5K eye-protecting curved screen, a Snapdragon 6 Gen1 5G processor, a 100 million pixel main camera, a 5800mAh battery, 16GB of RAM, and 512GB of storage. It is positioned as a thousand-yuan phone.

Honor X50 leak

The eye-protection performance of Honor X50’s screen is worth looking forward to. After all, Honor was the first to eat the crab in terms of high-frequency dimming eye protection and the first to break through the “comfort zone”. In the industry, both 1440Hz and 1920Hz were first introduced by Honor, and 3840Hz was also first introduced and advocated by the Honor 90 series. It is believed that the screen performance of Honor X50 will not be inferior.

Honor X50

In addition, the quality testing standards of the Honor X series have always been far above the industry average: the industry standard for button aging testing usually is 150,000 times, while the Honor X series is 210,000 times; the industry standard for heavy object soft pressure testing is usually 1,000 times, while the Honor X series is 2,000 times; in terms of screen drop resistance testing, the Honor X series has defined the most hardcore standards first, including 1-meter simulated marble drop, 1-meter simulated cement ground drop, and random angle drop on a roller, tackling the pain point of fragile curved screens, and achieving good reputation for the hardcore curved screen of the Honor X series.

The Honor X series embodies Honor’s relentless pursuit of quality. The upcoming Honor X50 is the pinnacle of the Honor X series after ten years of development. The Honor product research and development team has innovated in architecture and materials, using softness to overcome hardness, bringing a ten-sided anti-drop hard-core curved screen, challenging a no-dead-angle anti-drop experience. The Honor X50 is the first to advocate the “ten-sided” anti-drop industry standard, and it is the industry’s first Swiss SGS five-star whole machine anti-drop standard certification.

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