Honor will equip its upcoming new devices with a large battery, and the fast charging technology will also be upgraded to 90W

Honor's new devices will have a large battery and upgraded 90W fast charging technology

【PhoneAuto News】In the current era where smartphones are becoming more and more homogeneous, having a large battery and fast charging capability has become an important consideration for many consumers when purchasing a phone. Technological advancements have led many manufacturers to introduce phones with this configuration. According to a digital blogger, Honor has also caught onto this consumer demand, and their upcoming models will all come with large batteries as standard.

Honor phone battery

According to the blogger’s information, Honor will incorporate large batteries in many of their future models. They stated, “All Honor phones now come with large batteries, with the ultra-thin folding screen dual-cell reaching around 5000mAh±, the upcoming mid-to-high-end model will have a battery of around 5300mAh±, and the mid-range model will have around 6000mAh±. The charging speed is also gradually increasing from 66W to 90W.”

Blogger leak

Just this morning, Honor officially announced that their new model, Honor X50, will be equipped with a durable large battery with a capacity of up to 5800mAh, which should be the mid-range model with a battery capacity of around 6000mAh± mentioned by the blogger. The “ultra-thin folding screen with dual-cell of around 5000mAh” mentioned should be the long-rumored Honor Magic V2. As a comparison, the battery capacity of the Huawei Mate X3, which is being targeted, is 4800mAh (the typical value of the collector’s edition is 5060mAh). Considering that there have been reports claiming that the Honor Magic V2 will be lighter than the Huawei Mate X3, fitting a battery of around 5000mAh in a smaller body is not an easy task.

Honor X50 series will be equipped with a 5800mAh large battery

Honor Qinghai Lake Battery

When it comes to the large battery aspect of Honor, we have to mention the Qinghai Lake battery technology that Honor previously used in the Magic5 series. Previously, Fang Fei, the President of the Honor product line, revealed that the Qinghai Lake battery technology had been developed for 3 years, and Honor had invested a large amount of manpower and material resources in it. The Qinghai Lake battery is the first in the industry to adopt silicon-carbon negative electrode battery technology. The energy density of the Qinghai Lake battery in the Magic5 Pro is 12.8% higher than that of the Magic4 battery. With the low-voltage charge aggregation technology, the capacity of the Qinghai Lake battery in the low-voltage range can be increased by 240%. Now, Honor is starting to popularize large batteries in its smartphones, which has also brought returns after a large initial investment.

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