Honour 618’s first battle results Multiple products achieve sales crown, realizing high-quality growth

Honour 618 sales success

【PhoneAuto News】”Products priced above 4000 yuan saw a year-on-year increase of 211% in sales across all platforms, while products priced between 2500-4000 yuan saw a year-on-year increase of 51% in sales across all platforms… ” On May 31st at 20:00, the annual 618 e-commerce promotion officially kicked off. Four hours later, Honor handed in an impressive opening performance, becoming the leader among major manufacturers with “high-quality growth”.

Specifically, flagship and mid-to-high-end mobile phone products performed remarkably well. The Honor Magic Vs won the foldable screen single-product sales championship on both JD and Tmall platforms, while the Honor Magic5 series won the single-product sales championship for Android phones priced above 4000 yuan on JD, and the Honor Magic5 Pro won the single-product sales championship for Android phones priced between 5000-6000 yuan on Tmall. The Honor 90 series won the opening sales championship for new products on JD, Tmall, Douyin, and Kuaishou platforms during the 618 promotion.

Regarding Honor’s high-quality growth performance in this year’s 618 promotion, Honor CEO Zhao Ming stated in a post on June 1st that Honor continues to adhere to high research and development investment and long-termism, promoting continuous innovation in product experience. Examples include the lightweight and long-lasting battery life of the Honor Magic Vs, the Qinghai Lake battery and self-developed RF enhancement chip of the Honor Magic5 series, and the latest innovative technology such as the zero-risk dimming eye-protection screen of the Honor 90 series, continuing to lead the industry’s development and gain recognition from consumers.

In the first quarter of 2023, the global smartphone market, including China, continued to decline. According to Counterpoint data, the Chinese smartphone market fell by 5% year-on-year in the first quarter. It is unrealistic to assume that Honor is not affected by the overall market adjustment, but in Zhao Ming’s view, Honor is a long-distance runner. He said in a recent Zhenghe Island salon, “When we have a lot of cards in our hands, many of the difficulties we face today are temporary and can be overcome. Whether it is today or in the future, we will be firm and our top priority is to continue investing in research and development and product systems.”

Honor adheres to long-termism and makes countercyclical investments in multiple areas such as research and development, channels, overseas markets, and talent. In the first quarter of this year, it actively made adjustments and is currently in a state of rapid recovery, achieving a successful start of the 618 Shopping Festival.

As an example of research and development, Honor has seven R&D centers and over 100 innovation laboratories worldwide, dedicated to basic research and incubation of underlying technologies. The high investment in research and development has led to rapid iteration and upgrade of Honor products. Following the Honor Magic 5 series, the latest Honor 90 series has cutting-edge technologies such as a zero-risk flicker-free eye protection screen that supports 3840Hz ultra-high-frequency PWM dimming, a 200 million pixel camera, and a high-density ultra-large-capacity battery, bringing consumers an ultimate experience.

Another example is the channel construction and talent recruitment. In the context of the industry’s channel contraction, Honor continues to expand the scale and number of experience stores, and faces market changes with a healthy channel management system based on co-creation and win-win. In terms of talent, Honor is promoting large-scale recruitment and continuously introducing new blood. In the past two years, it has recruited 2,000 new graduates, most of whom have supplemented the R&D experience. This has also become a vivid example of Honor’s emphasis on research and development and investment in the future.

In the face of fierce market competition, impressive performance has become the best proof of the market’s recognition of Honor’s products. For Honor, after years of accumulation and preparation since its independence, 2023 became a year of its technological outbreak. The high-quality growth driven by technology has also become its latest development keyword. Regarding Honor’s future strategic direction, Zhao Ming stated that “Honor defines the brand with products”. He believes that “in the future, Honor will continue to firmly invest in research and development and product systems to provide consumers with more ultimate innovative experiences.” It is believed that Honor, which continuously innovates around the ultimate user experience, will have even more impressive market performance in the future.

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